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SnapPea App for Android – Review

So, what’s new from the tech world? Is it a new smartphone or tablet or a new laptop? Curious to know what it is? Read on and discover the amazing thing yourself. As we have been seeing, Wi-Fi is getting bigger and devices are getting smarter. You no longer need to plug in your device or establish blueooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to sync files or transfer data from your Android device to your computer. Fortunately, you have some amazing devices and apps that can do much more than that. Ultimately you are freed from all the syncing jargon. You might be of the view that the Cloud is a great option to create backup of your personal files and folders from your smartphone to your computer, but I would say the transfer process isn’t as easy as it might appear in the case of bulk multimedia and music files.

SnapPea Android App

Seamless syncing of data, Cost-free

The SnapPea App for Android is here. Take a look at what it can do to make your tasks much easier. This wireless app saves you from the hassles of battling it out with the wires and seeking permissions from to sync the data and transfer it down from your Android device to your PC. This intuitive app is a friend for Windows users as it lets seamless syncing and transfer of data from your Android device to your local machine (computer). The most delightful thing is that the SnapPea App for Android device is absolutely free of cost. It’s easy to install in any Android device that supports Windows.

Effortless two-way communication

The SnapPea App for Android device enables effortless two-way communication between the Android device and computer. That is, data can be seamlessly synced and transferred from one device to another and vice-versa. This gives you an extra advantage in the fact that any data or folder will automatically duplicate from one device to another. To download the SnapPea app, visit Google Play Store.

A Common Router for both devices

Data syncing can be done in the presence of Wi-Fi network or by means of an USB. However, the app is confined to the transfer of data between two local devices, and not with an external network. So the data syncing has to be strictly done in the presence of a common router for both the computer and the Android device. The average time taken for a complete transfer happens in less than 5 minutes – and that’s quite impressive, seriously.

SnapPea syncs data for iTunes apps too!

SnapPea helps sync bulk multimedia and music files between a computer and Android deice in a jiffy. And another bonanza for users is that, this app is capable of performing powerful data transfer functionalities for iTunes apps as well. This is a double delight because the iTunes stores don’t support any other app other than its own Apple apps.

Another great advantage with this free app is that, once it’s installed in your system it needn’t require a second installation. Most apps don’t give you this benefits, but the SnapPea app for Anodroid devices does! With all the benefits that come along with its zero-price tag, there is no doubt that SnapPea is the app for everyone!

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