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Smart Tips to Avoid some Glaring Mistakes in a Web Design

This article highlights the chief mistake most website owners make while creating their website. Websites are a very important part of your online reflection. People create impressions about your company based on what your website looks like. This article aims at helping you create flawless websites.

How many times have you looked up at a website and thought “Oh My God! Is there any way I could tell them, what a mess they have created!”? Well, I come across one almost everyday. Since websites are so important in our lives, it is absolutely critical that people pay attention to what they are making. A web designing reflects your company’s worth and standing to a global audience.

Your website must be expressive and impressive. It must instil faith in the visitor towards you and your company. If you fail to create such a website, chances are your website will do more harm than any benefit.


Website designing involves many intricacies. Please avoid the following mistakes if you wish to develop a truly creative and genuine website.

Necessary Registration

Nothing annoys a visitor more than a forced registration that is mandatory in order to enter the website. I mean, really, please give it a thought. Let your visitor check what you have to offer before registering in. If you banter him with a necessary registration form in order to view your website, there is a high possibility that he will simply leave. The attention span of a visual stimulus is less than 3 seconds. This is the window where you must show the best of your products and gain the maximum response. Don’t lose it by putting the user in a tight spot.


The worst thing that you can do to your website is to flood your page with too much distraction. Keep the purpose of your website highlighted. The central spine of the website is the purpose. If you don’t let your user understand that, you will not be able to fulfil it. For example, if you are a charitable trust, focus on highlighting the fact that you are looking for donors who would give to charity so that you can help other people. Instead of doing this, I have found that most charitable trust website goon and on about heavy sounding proverbs and idioms, along with a description of their organization. It’s really not worth it, if the user has to search for the purpose of the site.

Diminished Readability

This one, I really don’t understand. Why would you want a website that is not readable? I mean why would you possibly want to write on a white background with pale yellow? It just doesn’t make sense. No one wants to strain their eyes in order to decipher what you have written (unless it’s about a treasure buried in the Thames). Your good content and ingenuity has no meaning at all if you cannot make the users read it. Going for unconventional colours is alright, provided it is visible, in the first place.


Having a faint music going on in the backdrop can be a fantastic idea provided:

  1. It corresponds: you simply can’t play punk rock on a Red Cross website. If it is a hospital play soft music (or none), if it is a restaurant, you might play some banquet style music or blues, if it is about a charity, then you may play some music that reflects similar emotions.
  2. Turn off: ensure that there is an option to turn the music down. No one likes to be forced to go through music of someone else’s taste. I mean, if you are lucky, you will find a visitor who shares your musical interests, but otherwise, leave it for him to decide whether he wants to listen to it or not.

No Call to Action

The entire purpose of your website is to get your visitor to do some action like to subscribe to you, buy your Products and services or sign up or even simply register. How will a visitor know that you wish for him to do an action if you do not ask him to?

Ensure that what you write is compelling and attractive. Ensure that your call to action is there on every single page, because you never know when your customer decides to take the plunge.

Author Bio:- Jack Sutton works with VITEB-UK  –  a custom website design outsource company based in London. He likes to share his knowledge by researching on various topics relevant to his field and also writes about them when he gets time. You can find him write-ups on different guest blogging platforms.

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