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Skype To Unveil Its Policy On Data Security

This week several human rights and civil society organizations have sent an open letter to Microsoft, as the owner of Skype, in which they called on the corporation to provide an open access to more data about how the company provides the users with data protection, and also about the info if it is technically possible to intercept the data from the popular calling system.

Let’s remind that the last time the media wave of publications informed users that supposingly there are several engineering capabilities for the legal interception of user communications in Skype. Moreover, nongovernmental organizations have called Skype and Microsoft to explain publicly how exactly  the company and its subsidiary companies work with the U.S. laws on tapping, in particular, with the famous US Patriotic Act, under which any U.S. company  should provide information about their clients to the U.S. government, if it is as for matters of national security. Moreover, the law works even in respect of the foreign citizens.

In general Microsoft has just been sent a joint letter from 45 nongovernmental organizations from all over the world, which says that now Skype has over 600 million users and it is one of the largest Internet telephony systems in the world and that’s why they have to inform the users about the security matters.

“Many users are fully convinced that Skype is absolutely reliable communication system by which you can transfer data requiring confidentiality. Government opposition countries, independent journalists, social activists and others who need to keep in secret their information and its sources, use this system in a secure,”– said in the letter. “However, Skype has not yet presented its clear position concerning data security, confining with ambiguous statements with vague interpretations about user data.”

“Reporters without Borders”, the Foundation Electronic Frontier Foundation, GreatFire.org and others popular organizations put their signatures under this collective statement.

The letter also states that other online companies such as Google, Twitter or Facebook, constantly report on who, when and what data (and on what legal grounds) were requested, while neither Microsoft nor Skype do it.

The official answer from Skype hasn’t been given yet, but such letter cannot be ignored by the company and it may be expected that Skype will soon publish the information about its security protocols to calm down the world community.

Author Bio:- This post is written by Kate, a tech writer from Intellectsoft LTD, an international mobile development company. To find out more about our activity, visit us or follow us on Twitter @Intellectsoft.

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