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Simple Finger Tricks You Should Try on Your iPhone 5

What makes touchscreen smartphones more fun to use than the keypad-clad ones are the hand gestures one can use to control the phone. Take the iPhone, for example. Isn’t it fun that you can pinch your photos to make things look bigger and smaller? You can also swipe and tap away on it without making those ugly clucking sounds. And isn’t it fun to pretend you’re working on the Enterprise controls through your iPhone and your iPad? Okay that sounds childish and geeky, but we think you get the point.

There are so many reasons to finally sell your iPhone for an iPhone 5. Aside from the new features, the new operating system (iOS 6) and the new chips (A6), you also get a fresh new set of finger gestures that make iPhone handling easier and more interesting. Check out these finger tricks that a lot of iPhone 5 owners may not know until now!


Check out the iOS 6 upgrades on your Reminders app and compare it with your iPhone 4S. You’ll realize that the page dots are now gone! To move from one Reminder list to another, swipe with your finger to the left or to the right.
Mail: If you’re a frequent Twitter app user, you’re probably used to using the ‘pull to refresh’ gesture. Apple has also adapted that gesture for the Mail app on the iOS 6 where you can now instantly refresh your email by simply pulling or swiping the screen downwards. We bet this would delight busy, email-dependent people who wants to sell iPhone 4S for an iPhone 5.

Mail (Drafts)

We’d have to say the Mail app benefitted a lot from the taller screen, but it didn’t really make a substantial change in terms of widening the screen to add space for important stuff like Drafts. If you’re getting frustrated with finding the Drafts button, all you have to do it to tap long enough on the Compose button until Drafts pops up!


A lot of photography fans wanted to sell iPhone 4S for an iPhone 5 because of the new Panorama camera settings. Taking cool pictures of scenic landscapes can now be easily done by choosing Panorama in the camera settings and shooting from left to right. But you can also take photos from right to left by simply tapping on the directional arrow on your screen!

Status Bar

One of the many tweaks Apple put into the iPhone 5 (that people barely noticed) is the fact that the status bar (the one that displays your cellular network, signal, time and battery) changes colors based on the app you’re working on! Open Skype and your status bar will change to blue! But it does more than that. Tap on the status bar and you’ll be able to scroll up fast. Swipe down from the status bar and you’ll access your Notification Center!


Wondering how people share their iPhone screenshots over Twitter? Here’s the quick finger trick you should master. Hold the Sleep button on top of your iPhone and press the Home button. Your screen will flicker and your screenshot will instantly appear on your Camera Roll!

Author Bio:- Crystal Sanders is a freelance writer from Reno, Nevada who loves to share her thoughts and ideas to the world. Shecurrently writes for CashForiPhones and CashForberrys – sites where you can sell your iPhone and do Blackberry trade up.

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