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SIM Card – The Brain of the Cell Phone

On a global scale, cellphone popularity is ascending in all age groups. The reason behind its popularity is their portability, and the convergence of many things; such as email, texting, internet surfing, entertainment, etc. The cellular devices from the 20th century were clunky and offered only one thing… talking. Hence, in today’s market, cellphone manufactures are trying to maximize the functionality and individualization of each cellphone to ensure customer satisfaction. However, in order to actually enjoy the cellphone, you need the SIM Card for it to function.

Everyone has a cellphone and take the SIM card for granted even though it’s a crucial element. What the term “SIM” stands for is Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM Card is a very small microchip that you can find under the battery; where it is housed in a small port. The convenience of a SIM card is that you can store your data without being flabbergasted if the cellphone stops working because you may always transfer it into a new phone.

There are a total of three distinct SIM card sizes. One size is identical to an average card; another one has the dimensions of 15mm x 25mm; and the third has a slight cut-off on the corner. This slight cut-off is called a chamfer. The chamfered SIM is more popular and widely used because it prevents the incorrect insertion into the phone. The two smaller SIMs are attached onto a card and used in larger items; however, it can also be adapted onto cellphones once you break them off.

On the other hand, some cellphones do not require the SIM card for it to work. Rather than using the SIM, they use internal memory for the user’s data. The data is accessed and stored through the use of the NAM or Number Assignment Module. Once accessed, the Service Provider has encrypted a MSL or Master Subsidiary Lock that protects the data and user accordingly.

As a consumer, you wish to know what phone suits you best and how it operates. Besides the phone being of good quality, the SIM is the crucial aspect to a cellphone because it’s the brain and engine.

Author Bio:Steve Jones has years of experience working the telecommunications industry and is constantly looking for new products and devices that help save consumers and businesses money. For travellers who are constantly on the go, he recommends Brightroam.com for their communication accessories and products.

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