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5 Signs That You’re Ready for Entrepreneurship

It’s not unusual for people, at one point in their life or another, to wonder if they’re made of the stuff it takes to be their own boss. While entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, it is most definitely for more people than you’d think. You can read articles that tell you you’ve got to have a good business sense, you’ve got to be organized and you need to have plenty of time to dedicate, but what about the “other” things? Here are five lesser known signs that you’re ready to be an entrepreneur.

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1. You’re Easily Bored

Sure, you could have adult DHD; it’s a real medical condition. Or you could just be easily bored. When people aren’t challenged, their minds start to wander. When you’re mind starts to wander, you’re bound to get in trouble with the higher ups. If your current job is boring you to tears, you may be ready to become your own boss. As the head of the company, you’ll rarely be without something new to learn or a challenge to conquer. This is called cause driven entrepreneurship. You are starting a business because you are bored.

2. Your Ideas are Better

There are some people in this world who always see things and think of ways to make them better. Does that sound like you? You may be frustrated at work because you’re not in a position to make any changes. It can be difficult to work for someone else who won’t implement a new idea unless they thought of it first. When you’re the one in charge, you can change things every day if you choose to do so; there will be no one to stop you.

There are actually businesses built around improving other business ideas. Go4funding.com lays out how to improve on existing ideas. Business consultants base their careers on improving ideas of existing businesses and increasing revenue. If you believe your ideas are better, this may be a path to look into.

3.You Have a Touch of OCD

It’s not unheard of for entrepreneurs to have a certain something in common: obsession. If you find that you can’t let an idea go once it takes hold, you may be cut out for running your own business. Getting a company up and running takes a certain amount of obsession. Without it, you will be more likely to put off projects and fail to get things done. Those who are even slightly obsessed will see a project through to the end; the perfect characteristic of a budding entrepreneur.

4.You’re Better Solo

Are you more comfortable on your own? If you’d rather work in a closet than spend one more day working with your office mates, you might want to think about starting your own business. As the owner of a company, you may find that you need to farm out certain tasks. The good news is this: You don’t have to hire employees to give you the help you need. Instead, you can hire services and companies, requiring you to have meetings, but not to surround yourself with other people for eight or ten hours a day. If you are uncertain about which tasks can be outsourced, The Wall St Cheat Sheet covers the 12 most frequently outsourced business tasks. Letting others handle the more boring tasks will allow you the time to concentrate on the areas of the business that excites you.

5.Your Brain Won’t Turn Off

Entrepreneurs often find that they have difficulty sleeping at night, especially before they make their big leap. They can’t sleep because they can’t turn their brains off. You’ll have ideas constantly rolling around your mind that won’t let you relax. You may have an idea for a great new product, a fantastic business plan or even daydream about the perfect cupcake. No matter what it is, it’s not uncommon for burgeoning business owners to be restless.

A recent study from MIT professor Maurizio Zollo showed that entrepreneurs think differently than managers and workers. By using both the left and right sides of their frontal lobes, entrepreneurs are capable of creative ideas and logical decision making. Your brain could be that of an entrepreneur, which is why you can’t shut it off.

If you can relate to one or more of the five descriptions above and you’re been thinking of starting your own company, you’re ready. The questions, then, is this: What are you waiting for?

Author Bio:- Laura King is a blogger writing on entrepreneurship and small business.  Looking to be you own boss?  You may consider pursuing an MBA to get a business education, such as those offered at Washington State University and University of Washington.

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