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Sign on through images – Windows 8 Feature

The traditional way of logging on into your devices comprises of typing a text password that may be a combination of alphabets, symbols, and numbers. With the increasing adoption of touch screen devices along with their decreasing sizes, this has become cumbersome. Microsoft thinks it is about time to change this process for better user experience. Windows 8, the next version of Microsoft’s flagship product to be launched in 2012, will come with a radical approach to the hitherto lackadaisical password security feature. Windows 8 will use images for you to log on into your PC.

Usage of images to log on into your system consists of tapping, circling, or underlining on an image in the correct order. The user can select the image he/she wants to use from among the images stored in the device. This will not replace the text-based password feature completely and both will coexist. For example, if the picture password is entered incorrectly for 5 times in a row, then the user will be asked for the text password.

Traditional text-based passwords are weak primarily due to their poor application by users. Using weak passwords may make them easy to remember but also make it easy for hackers to gain access to the user’s devices and resources. An image password, on the other hand, will provide more permutations and combinations in its design than a pure text-based password.

Complex, long text passwords can take a long time to be entered on a touch keyboard. The numerical pins can alleviate the problem to some extent; however, they too suffer from weakness due to the selection of obvious and weak numbers/number combinations by users, e.g., birth year, vehicle license number, or just a combination of simplistic digits like 111 or 000.

Image password in Microsoft Windows 8 is an attempt at unshackling the above constraints. However, it comes with its own security loopholes. For example, “shoulder surfing” can increase the risk of your picture password sequence being compromised. Text-based passwords, since asterisks are all that is displayed, lends to a more secure experience. When using image password to log on, the user should ensure the password is securely entered. In parallel, the user will be better protected if a strong text password is used instead of just dictionary words.

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