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Showing Televisions Set to Join the Digital Revolution

During the past 3 years we’ve seen technological advances in televisions beyond what we once thought was possible. The emergence of HD TVs has allowed us to view programmes in glorious high definition bringing with it cleaner, crisper and sharper images. Watching 3D films was once a pleasure you could only enjoy at your local cinema, not anymore.

While recent advances have focused solely upon on the viewing experience, future advances will focus uniquely on the user experience. Televisions will become smarter, a lot smarter working collaboratively with other technologies.

television digit revolutionSimply put smarter televisions will be able to understand the viewer and because of this will be able to provide better targeted content. The key here is data and lots of it, televisions of the future will be able to build a profile of you based on the websites you visit, the TV you watch as well as data collected from other devices around your house such as your internet enabled Fridge Freezer.

Just imagine this scenario, you’ve ran out of Pizza’s and your TV knows this, during the next commercial break your served with the latest Domino’s Pizza advert, a marketers wet dream for sure.

While Smart televisions are a long way off, internet television are already here.Viewers are now able to watch Youtube videos and stream the latest blockbuster movies directly from the comfort of their leather recliner chairs as well as surfing the internet.

The divide between offline and online is becoming a huge blur, Internet televisions are facilitating this blur bringing the online environment to what was once a sacred haven away from the digital highway, living rooms are being transformed in mission controls.

While internet televisions are very much in their infancy, smart televisions are yet to be born.While Intelligent televisions of the future will bring with them limitless potential, many will be alarmed due to privacy concerns but I for one look forward to the day when my television can understand who I am and what I want.

Are you ready for the digital revolution?

Author:- David Samuel is an electronic consumables guru, with over 13 years’ involvement with some the leading electronic brands.David’s awareness and market intelligence make him one of the best equippedexperts out there. While specialising in televisions David’s knowledge covers a wider spectrum of consumer electronics.

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