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Should You Switch to a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan?

These days, as nice as it may sometimes sound, it’s not really feasible to be without a cell phone. What many cell phone service subscribers don’t realize, however, is that they could be saving a good deal of money by switching to a prepaid cell phone plan. In addition to the inherent savings a prepaid phone plan offers, there are a host of other benefits as well.

First off, if you’ve had trouble obtaining a cell service plan in the past because of poor credit history, then worry no more because prepaid cell phones do not require a good credit history. In fact, prepaid phone plans don’t even require a credit check. The lack of a credit check barrier can also be beneficial for teenagers who need a cell phone, and for parents who can rest easy knowing their child can’t go overboard in their cell usage and end up leaving the parent with a boatload of overage fees.

In addition to the ease with which one can acquire a prepaid cell phone and plan, there are no contracts required with prepaid cell phones. This saves you the trouble of having to deal with a lengthy and confusing cell phone bill every month. The way prepaid cell phones work is much simpler. Basically, you pay for minutes, text messages, and data, and when your minutes, texts, and/or data run out, you log in to your prepaid phone carrier’s online dashboard and pay for more minutes. In addition to the convenience of avoiding a monthly cell phone bill, prepaid phone carriers will not stick you with hidden fees, taxes, or penalties for cancelling your service.

While prepaid phone minutes cost more than regular cell phone minutes through a monthly subscription, the vast majority of cell phone users do not use even half of their allotted monthly minutes. This means that they end up paying a large sum of money every year for minutes that go unused.

Another great improvement in the prepaid phone arena over the past couple of years is that they no longer limit you to bottom of the barrel, cheap flip phones. Most major smartphones including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series are now compatible with prepaid phone plans, and can also accommodate prepaid data plans.

So is a prepaid cell phone plan for you? In short, if you are not a very heavy cell phone user, and your habits mostly involve sporadic or infrequent cell phone use, or just in case of emergencies, then the answer is a resounding yes. Switching to a prepaid cell phone plan has the potential to save you several hundred dollars per year, and eliminates most of the headaches involved with signing a multi-year contract with a major cell service provider.

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  • Juan

    November 13, 2012, 3:09 am

    for me, prepaid is the best than postpaid, i just topup with my needed only

    • Logan Abbott

      December 11, 2012, 8:35 am

      I agree. Prepaid is the way to go if you do not need a ton of features!


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