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Should You Pay for Advertising on Facebook?

More businesses are turning to Facebook to advertise and create brand awareness. There are many excellent low cost opportunities associated with social networking sites, which is one reason why so many businesses are turning to these platforms to reach out to consumers.

While using your Facebook page to advertise your business is a growing trend, you also have the option of paying to promote your ads on this social media site. However, this poses a couple of very important questions. Should you pay for advertising on Facebook? Will it help to increase your sales?

Facebook is the most used and developed social networking site available today and it continues to grow in every aspect. It offers a self-serve platform that’s very close to the Google AdWords interface and with the data it collects on all users, it’s constantly developing new ways for businesses to advertise effectively.

However, since it is still growing, exploring the paid options is something that marketers should consider in an attempt to get the most form advertising on this social media site. Taking a closer look at Facebook and how it operates will help you compare using your social media page vs. paying to promote your company on social media so you can see how paying for ads could benefit your company.

Understanding Facebook Ads

Compared to Google AdWords and similar ways to advertise that have been around awhile, Facebook price per click and impressions are still very low. However, this social media site does allow you to target a specific audience using different criteria found in user profiles, which makes your ads more effective.

When you sign up to use Facebook, you provide information such as your age, residence and interests such as hobbies and places you like to visit. Facebook uses this personal information to match users to your ads. As a result, this social media platform becomes a very effective way to advertise to consumers by targeting users with a real interest in what your company offers.

One way to help your community grow on Facebook is to use ads that allow users to like your page, which is one way that paying for advertising can be beneficial. When you pay for “Likes”, it can help your ads reach a wider audience, which can ultimately increase your revenue considerably.

Is Paying to Advertise on Facebook Worth It?

Before you spend money advertising on Facebook, you almost certainly want to know whether it’s truly an effective form of advertising. After all, using your Facebook page to advertise is relatively free and does get results when used correctly. Can you increase sales and draw in more business for your company by paying for your ads instead of simply using your Facebook page? Is it going to make enough of a difference to justify the cost?

Some companies have reported that it’s not worth it while others credit much of their sales to social media paid ads. So why do some companies benefit while others do not? It’s all in the advertising. If you’re using an effective strategy to draw in more followers, then it very well could be worth the cost to pay for your ads.

Things to Remember When Using Facebook Ads

One of the main things to remember when using Facebook ads is that people go here to socialize, not to look for the products or services they need. Therefore, you can’t have a page full of ads and links to your website pushing users to take an interest in your company.

You need a completely different approach that is more friendly and interesting. You have to give users a reason to visit your page and explain why and how your products can benefit them, to encourage consumers to take an interest.

The key is to offer enough useful and interesting content to get users to like your page and become a fan. Once you do that, you can grow your online community by offering your followers incentives to share your content, ads, promotions, etc. with friends, creating a viral effect. Use contests, giveaways and offer discounts to attract fans and you’ll get better results that will build brand awareness and trust among users.

The ads that receive the highest click-through rate are the ones that receive the best placement. In order to get the most clicks, you need to be creative with your ads to capture the interest of the users. When combining effective marketing techniques with paid ads that reach more consumers, you’ll automatically generate more sales.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

Now we come to the big question, which is how much will it cost you to use Facebook paid ads? That’s one of the most appealing things about paying for advertising on Facebook. You can spend as little as $10 or $15 per day or pay as much as you want to depending on who you’re trying to target, which means, it can fit into almost any budget.

When you understand how Facebook ads work and how you can use this social media site to build your client base, you can see how paying for ads could increase your revenue by helping you reach even more potential consumers.

Would you consider paying for advertising on Facebook? Do you think it could help improve your business by allowing you to reach a wider audience?

Author Bio:Lisa Mason is a content marketing specialist writing for Blue Soda Promo. BSP helps you promote your business through promotional items imprinted with your logo and Lisa helps you promote your business via content.

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  • Nikhil Phirke

    January 6, 2013, 12:15 am

    I’ve started advertising my page on facebook and find it quite effective. I got whole lot of good fans.

  • Bijaya Ghimire

    December 31, 2012, 2:22 pm

    In the social media too the law of might applies. The big fishes are eating small one. Big companies can manage a lot of add but small companies (?).


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