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Should You Optimize Your Website with Drupal for Facebook?

Drupal’s core is widely used to power numerous and different websites that feature social networking functionality, while Drupal for Facebook could turn further boost your site’s popularity, requiring only reasonable amount of effort to be invested in development of a customized Facebook add-on. Actually, numerous Facebook extensions are available for Drupal-powered websites because Drupal’s free and open-source nature encourages a growing community of software developers to release free contributed modules that extend the platform’s original functionality.

A good number of pundits meet ends debating whether Facebook has a bright future as leading social networking platform or its role as major social media is diminishing, nevertheless today’s Facebook is still a major market player and rivals still keep a good eye on the U.S.-based company. Like it or not but Facebook integration can markedly influence the popularity of your website, while its free nature provides additional benefits in terms of using the platform as a website booster.

Drupal core, the original release of the content management system, does not feature functionality that directly links to Facebook or any other leading social networking platform. The growing community of Drupal developers, however, seems not tired to produce new Drupal add-ons and extensions, including contrib modules that connect Drupal-powered websites to Facebook’s network.

On the other hand, optimizing your site using ready available applications can be a risky undertaking, while it might prove inefficient in the long run due to lack of software support and essential customizations. Drupal’s open-source nature provides some answers to those headaches through easily achievable customization of existing and running sites, which require Facebook optimization. There might be some problems with backward compatibility but shifting to an older Drupal distribution is not that common to be considered a major disadvantage.

One should bear in mind, however, that the development of reliable custom-made Facebook-linking software modules would require significant efforts because Facebook is not that open in terms of compatibility as it may seem at first glance. The members of the Drupal software development community work on their applications in their spare time, thus producing undesired results very often, which may affect the overall reliability of a software application. Hiring a reputable IT consultant may be helpful, while contracting a reliable software developer to build the software looks like an inevitable step to be taken.

Fortunately, there is only a limited risk to tear your site apart while optimizing it to take advantage of Facebook’s features, mainly because Drupal isolates third-party modules from its core files, therefore minimizing the risk of unwanted issues and unexpected site shutdowns. Nevertheless, the use of Drupal for Facebook optimizations should be performed only following a proper analysis of initial requirements and possible outcomes, which rarely can be achieved if ready to use solutions are adopted. Professional IT consultancy service may be of assistance, but carefully select your consultant because the growing popularity of Drupal among website owners have led to growing number of inexperienced Drupal developers providing unreliable service to customers worldwide.

The good news is that once the due diligence is completed, a custom-made Facebook module for your site can be developed within a relatively short period. As a rule, the price of such applications is quite affordable for both individual and corporate customers, while most individual customers prefer to adopt ready to use solutions. One thing you should know is that like many other software tools in the field of website optimization and search engine optimization, a solution that relies on Drupal for Facebook cannot be a universal website popularity booster, content is still the king in the online world despite the continuing efforts of mass manufacturers of websites.

Author Bio:- Matt is a free lancer publisher and content builder  for many sites and magazines, he wrote many more article as on Drupal Development as well as content management system. Now currently he writes on Drupal for Facebook.

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