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Should you be Excited About a Google Branded Tablet after their Phone Fizzled?

For months now, there has been discussion of a rumored Google branded tablet computer. Among the latest news to come out of the mill is that veteran PC hardware maker ASUS is creating the machinery, and that the first units could be on the shelves as early as May of 2012. These are some very interesting details considering the recent release of the iPad 3. While there are plenty of other options in the digital sea beyond the iPad, a Google branded tablet may not be worth getting too excited over.

The Nexus One Debacle

Google has produced several flops over the years, but with a branded tablet potentially on the horizon, its fizzled mobile phone project comes to mind. The Nexus One made its debut in January of 2010 sporting hardware made by Taiwan manufacturer HTC Corporation. Although the phone was initially surrounded by much hype and promise, it wasn’t long before critics started calling it a failure. In July, slow sales led Google to stop selling the device from its web store and in November, it closed down all related support forums. Today, Nexus One is all but obsolete – an outdated smartphone with hardware that is too old to run newer versions of Android.

Steep Challenges for Google Tablet

The failed Nexus One experiment doesn’t mean a Google branded tablet will automatically fizzle, but it very well could. After all, the technology giant has some mighty huge hurdles in front of it. Here are a few:

Android. Device makers are currently shipping products with Ice Cream Sandwich, better known as Android 4.0. According to early reviews, it is a significant improvement on smartphones, but problematic on tablets. Some have suggested that trying to run it on these devices could result in an experience similar to Android Honeycomb, which was far from pleasant according to most tablet users.

Marketing. Google has come a long way since opening its doors in 1998, and even further since going public in 2004. From search to YouTube, the company has a lot of stroke in the internet world, but does it have enough juice to make a tablet appeal to consumers on the broad scale that exists beyond the online domain? When taking the past failures into account, its ability to successfully market such a product is questionable.

Competition. Apple’s iPad is crushing the competition in the tablet market by such a wide margin, that not even all the Android devices combined can match its dominance. Rumor has it that Google is targeting the lower end market, but with the Amazon Kindle Fire being a hot seller, even that could be difficult.

Will a Google branded tablet be another of the company’s successes or another disaster? That all remains to be seen. Seeing how some of its experiments have turned out as of late, it may be at the very least, hoping for something similar to the Chromebook – not necessarily a commercial hit, but a useful device nonetheless.

Author Bio:- Francis Santos is a best practices activist and advocate for leading web and permission-based html email marketing software.He Graduated from Cal State Long Beach and holds a degree in Journalism. In Addition, he is also the executive editor for separate popular news blogs.

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