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Should Smartphones Be Able to Track Location-Based Information on Users?

The words “best” and “BlackBerry” aren’t often uttered in the same sentence. The BlackBerry has become something of a punchline in recent years, with both Android and iPhone surpassing it. Yet the BlackBerry is still a largely useful device. It might not have all the bells and whistles of Android and iPhone, but it can still accomplish a core set of tasks as well as any other platform. Bloggers will do well to consider the BlackBerry as a viable device. It is, for two primary reasons, the best smartphone for blogging.

Best WordPress software

While not every blog uses WordPress, the great majority do. Any blogger hosting with WordPress likely has the mobile app. It’s available on all three platforms, and all three applications share many similarities. But when examined closely, it’s apparent that the BlackBerry app is better than its Android and iPhone counterparts.

All three smartphones allow you to write and edit posts, moderate comments, and upload media. These are the essential tasks for any smartphone blogging app. The problem is that the iPhone and Android WordPress apps stop here. The BlackBerry app provides a few more options, including some media options. But it provides one features that is inexplicably absent from the other two.

With one click from the app menu, BlackBerry users can load up their WordPress Dashboard, just as they do on the web. This includes automatic login, so there is no need to enter a username and password. From here any task is accomplishable, from moving widgets to creating new users. This might not be a great feature for older BlackBerry phones, but the more powerful BlackBerry 7 smartphones render the WordPress Dashboard nicely. That feature allows you to do more, and more easily, with the BlackBerry.

Physical keyboard

When switching from a physical keyboard to a virtual one, many people comment that it’s very easy. That is, they can’t imagine life without a real keyboard, but after a few weeks with a full touchscreen device they can hardly notice the difference. This is one reason why people continue flocking to Android and iPhone.

But clearly, these people do not blog from their devices.

Anyone who has tried to write more than a few paragraphs on a mobile device knows that full touchscreens just aren’t made for this. Part of the reason people find the transition easy is that autocorrect systems correct many of their common errors. But any mobile blogger knows that autocorrect can hurt as often as it helps. Anyone who has written a blog post on an iPhone knows that a careful edit is necessary, since autocorrect might have changed a significant portion of the post.

The BlackBerry, however, retains a physical keyboard. This makes for far more accurate typing. The new BlackBerry Dakota (9930) contains the best keyboard of any Blackberry model to date. This makes it easier to create and edit posts from a mobile phone. Yes, it’s possible to do this on Android and iPhone, but it’s remarkably easier on the BlackBerry.

Other, smaller reasons

While the WordPress software and the physical keyboard are the two main reasons that the BlackBerry is the best smartphone for blogging, there are a few other, more subtle reasons.

  • Organization. BlackBerry is tops in organization. It has the best email system and contacts management system of any smartphone, and its calendar, memo, and tasks lists add to its organizational capabilities. Bloggers would do well to use these features to stay organized and put more focus on the blog itself.
  • Lack of distractions. This is one way to spin the lack of popular applications on the BlackBerry. While the iPhone and Android are filled with popular games and apps that distract users, the BlackBerry lacks many of them. This can be used as an opportunity to focus on the blog and not on Angry Birds.
  • Communication. Networking is a big part of blogging as well. BlackBerry’s messaging system makes communications easy. It also makes messages easy to track and file.

Author Bio:- Joe Pawlikowski is the editor of BBGeeks. He understands that the BlackBerry might not be the best smartphone, but it is the best smartphone for blogging.