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Should Microsoft Scrap Windows RT Platform for Tablets?

Since Microsoft Surface Tabtet’s release, the tablet has managed to capture just a little public’s interest. The tablet platform made just 0.4% of the sales, as compared to other tablets and proved to be a disaster after some time. Within few weeks of its launch, people started noticing cons, which led to the breakdown of overall sales rate of these tablets. To explain it properly, I would like to point out few main reasons, why did it fail and why should Microsoft scrap this platform for tablets?

No Value:

Companies purchase operating systems for their hardware and one half of the whole benefit goes to manufacturer and the other half to developer. Same scenario can be made for Acer and Microsoft. Acer did release some tablets with Windows RT platform and was planning to launch another one, but by keeping in mind the platform’s demand, it called it off. Acer’s president Jim Wong said in an event:

“To be honest, there’s no value doing the current version of RT”

Android and iOS are Better:

It may be pretty disappointing for Windows RT fans that right now Android is the winner in tablet market by taking 56.5% of the market share. Apple kept 39.6% share by selling out 19.5 million iPads.

Consumers Don’t Really Understand it:

The Windows RT operating system was made for both PC and for tablets. The interface was pretty confusing for PC and everyone was wondering why Microsoft did so. Along with drop-down in Windows RT-powered PC sales, Microsoft suffered a great downfall in tablet sales as well just because of this Windows RT platform.

Application Problem:

The platform actually failed to run the apps on tablet that it run on PC; it means that the platform was not completely same for the two gadgets. The fact is that PC and tablets have different functions and creating a platform similar for both is the biggest mistake. You might be thinking about Android right now, but to make the thing clear, Android is for mobile and tablets, not for PCs. So, Microsoft should have considered it before working on the idea. It didn’t create any problem, but failed in compatibility.

Final Words:

Well! Giving up here is not the only solution and that is why we should be proud of Microsoft. We were hearing the rumors that Microsoft is planning to abandon Surface RT platform, but the company denied all the rumors. Microsoft should probably look into this table PC problem and should cover up all the cons in upcoming Windows Blue. The market has become really competitive and in order to exist, Microsoft should work on its Surface RT problem. So, all the Microsoft RT fans out there, don’t worry, if Microsoft has denied the rumors, then it must be planning to come up with something brilliant.

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  • Roger smith

    May 16, 2013, 3:02 pm

    Microsoft doesn’t give up easily, and Windows 8 tablets are with us, both in the … Tap 20 and Windows RT ARM-based tablets such as Microsoft’s own Surface RT.

  • Syed

    May 13, 2013, 3:34 am

    Though windows RT did not get market share but dropping windows RT is definitely not a positive move , its a fact users don’t accept changes and we’ve seen this in practice over and over and windows RT and 8 suffered same problem as the user interface is new and users aren’t able to adapt it , I believe as widows RT grows older number of users adapting it will grow steadily.


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