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Should App Makers be Prepared for a Potential Google-Branded Tablet?

The rumors surrounding a Google-branded tablet have been running wilder than ever as of late. Speculators are even calling it by a specific name – the Google Nexus Tablet. Among the latest rumors is that computer manufacturer Asus has signed on to produce the hardware. While not much is clear, reputable sources are confident that a device that fits the main description will probably see light eventually, possibly even this year. Seeing that the most important component of the rumors has some credibility, app makers might benefit from preparing for a seemingly inevitable Google tablet. However, whether they will is another story.

A Checkered Past

The supposed Nexus is not Google’s first foray into the tablet making business. In fact, the internet giant introduced the Google I/O edition of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in part with Samsung last year. You may not know it considering that the device now appears to be nothing but a distant memory. Roughly 5,000 of these were passed out at the company’s 2011 I/O event, yet nothing really came of it on the mainstream market. Samsung has provided no updates, and the only thing Google did was update the OS from Android 3.1 to 3.2, which seems quite insignificant now that Android is up to 4.0.

When factoring in past experiences, it is difficult to see app makers getting too excited about a Google-branded tablet. After all, the tablet they were given at an event specifically made for developers has pretty much been left for dead. Competition is also a factor that weighs into the equation. App makers have a good thing going with Apple and its dominant iPad, which is amazingly selling more units than all Android-powered devices combined. Software programing is a business, and with Apple’s tablet being a more reliable source of business, it should be interesting to see how many developers will jump at an opportunity with Google.

Saving Grace

Google’s rumored tablet may be no match for the iPad, but it could stack up nicely against Amazon’s Kindle. The device is reportedly more like a Kindle than an iPad, anyway, according to reports. TechRadar and various other sources have reported that the probable Google-branded tablet will aim to compete in the tablet market that includes lower end devices like the Kindle Fire and the Nook. Whether you want to call these gadgets tablets or e-readers is another topic for another article, but Google tackling a smaller segment could possibly attract the attention of app makers.

As far as a Google-branded tablet goes, there isn’t really anything out there that can be called official information. Right now, most of the updates are based on pure speculation. For what it’s worth, a few sources are reporting that we could see something by as early as the summer of 2012.  If this is true, then app makers have ample time to decide if trying to get a piece of the action is worth the effort.

Author Bio:- Francis Santos is a best practices activist and advocate for leading web and permission-based html email marketing software.

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