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Shopping for the Most Effective Android spy Applications

There are certainly a lot of choices out there when it comes to android spy applications.  Designed to discreetly track activities on a cell or smart phone, applications like iPhone, Android or Windows Android spy offer a lot of features without really explaining why you might want or need them.  So to help you quickly “weed through” the marketing hype and just find the android spy application best suited to your needs, here is a quick guide of “must have” features and what they do:

Location Monitoring

Ever wonder where someone is when they won’t answer their phone?  You’ll never have to wonder again when you install android spy applications that include a Location Monitoring tool.  Most advanced applications like Android, iPhone and Windows Android spy include both a Historical Location to show all movements and a Real Time tracking function that shows you where the phone is right now.

Recording Cell Phone Surroundings

Android spy applications with this feature can be used to remotely engage the cell phone’s microphone to create a secret recording of the cell phone surroundings.

Contact Details

Find out exactly who a loved one is talking to after installing android spy applications with a Contact Details tool.  Most of the top end suites like iPhone and Windows Android spy include the feature and it will instantly reveal all names and phone numbers from all calls on the monitored device.

Reverse Phone Look-Up

Tired of hearing the “Wrong Number” excuse whenever someone calls your loved one in front of you?  Then install android spy software with a Reverse Phone Look-Up tool and you will be able to see who is behind all of the mysterious “wrong numbers” once and for all.

Record Call

If you want to hear exact conversations on your loved one’s cell phone, then you need to install android spy applications with a Call Recording feature.  All calls on the monitored smart phone are recorded and sent to a user account for you to listen to at your leisure from anywhere with Internet access.

Video/Picture Log

Cutting edge smart phone monitoring programs like iPhone or Windows Android spy let you view all the pictures and videos sent or received once the software is installed.

Text Message Log

If you install android spy software with this advanced surveillance feature, you can literally read every text that was sent or received on the monitored smart phone.

Internet Browsing History

With the right smart phone, a person can surf the web almost as fast as someone on a computer or tablet.  So if you want to see all the sites someone is viewing with their “4G”, you need sophisticated applications like Android or Windows Android spy with an Internet Browsing surveillance tool.

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