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Shopping for an Internet Service that Suits Your Needs

Today more than ever there are many different companies that provide access to the Internet at blistering speeds. Although all of these companies provide fast access, there are always differences in the level and quality of service that you may receive from one provider to another. Also, particular providers may offer additional perks to their Internet subscribers in the form of free security software, e-mail accounts and even web space for storage.

Because there are so many different types of providers and services, it can sometimes be overwhelming when attempting to decide which provider will best suit your needs. However, by keeping a few simple things in mind, you will be able to make a well informed decision that will leave you happy with your service for many years to come.

What type of service are you looking for?

Although you know that you would like to subscribe to an Internet service, there are several different methods of delivery that you may not be aware of. Each of these have their own strengths and weaknesses, so deciding what type of service you would like is really a personal choice.

Dial-up Internet service is the slowest type of connection you may receive. Offering maximum speeds of only 5KB/sec, these providers are often very cheap or even free. However, your Internet experience will be greatly reduced because of the broadband nature of the Internet today.

Broadband services are an excellent way to connect to the Internet. Depending on the provider, current offerings can be as fast as 300Mb/sec. This will not only give you incredibly fast downloads, but you will also save time while waiting on websites to load. For those that use video on demand services like Netflix, you will experience improved quality and fast content delivery like no other.

Satellite Internet is an option for those that live in an area that is serviced by none of the above listed options. Offering speeds of up to 2Mb/sec, satellite Internet certainly isn’t the fastest option, but it is a much better choice than dial-up. Satellite’s biggest downfall is that the signal will suffer from an increased latency due to it’s need to travel such a vast distance. This type of service is not recommended if you play games online.

Security Suits, E-mail and more

Most Internet service providers also provide tools to help ensure that your computer will stay safe while online. Most often these software suites can be downloaded directly from the provider’s website where they will also have instructions on how to best setup the services.

For those looking for e-mail accounts, most providers will also provide up to 10 e-mail accounts for free that utilize their domain. Although the perks of the e-mail accounts differ from provider to provider, they are an excellent way to have a professional looking e-mail account.

Most broadband services also provide monitoring tools. Because many providers now have usage caps in place, it is important for the user to monitor the bandwidth they use to avoid penalty fees at the end of the month for breaking the usage cap.

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