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Sharp Night Sports Photos: Using The Canon Digital Rebel 8.2MP

Having clear and crisp photographs of sporting events happening during the night time are quite the challenge for most photographers. Capturing such settings requires a lot of expensive professional equipment and a whole lot of expertise as well as photographical experience to get the photos just right. What is an amateur to do? Armed with a Canon Digital Rebel 8.2MP, the non-professional can also take great-looking night sports pictures with just a little hints under his/her belt and minimal equipment.

Setting Up Your Camera For Success

  • This camera is not the best suited on its own for night photography. Buy a <2.8 f/number lens, as this is a necessity for doing classic action sports photography with background darkness. Adding this lens to your gear will increase photographic opportunities which you would not be able to take just by owning the kit lens that comes with the camera.
  • Change the mode to the Aperture Priority one; this will be visible on the dial of your camera by ‘AV’ symbol.
  • Reduce the f/number setting to be as low as it can be done. This will bring your camera into sports night photo mode.
  • On the camera’s back, press the top one out of the four set-together buttons and choose an ISO number setting that is 1600 or even more. This shift in ISO will alter shutter speed; since you are taking photos at night with a reduced amount of light; greater sensor sensitivity will be required.

Get That Camera Clicking!

Now that you have gotten a new, appropriate lens and have altered all the required settings in your digital camera’s menus, you are ready to start taking photos that will look no less than professional sports photography!

When you are in the stadium or sports arena, stand in a manner that ensures you are utilizing all the accessible light to the maximum. If your subject is in direct light, that means you are positioned in the best direction. Move around if you intend to get a backlit effect instead.

Take multiple photos in quick succession by pressing down the shutter button consistently. Burst shots will result in a number of quickly-taken photos. Out of all these photos that you capture, there will be a greater chance of finding your one prize shot! You can also use a tripod to minimize shaking and blurred photos since sports involve a lot of movement on their own.

Author Bio:- Robert has passion towards photography. His specialization lies in classic action sports photography with dark background and many other professional sports photography.