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Separating SEO Fact From Fiction

Whenever people begin talking about search engine optimization (otherwise known as SEO), a lot is actually being said. Some people think it is a total waste of time, others swear by it, and others still think it is helpful, but not something that you should rely on. A lot of this conversation is generated because there are a number of beliefs floating around the internet about SEO – some of them true and others completely false. Use this guide to help you separate the SEO fact from fiction:

Fiction: Website owners are at war with the search engines

Fact: You never have been at war with them, nor will you ever be

A lot of people think that, in order to receive the best possible search engine results, they must use sneaky SEO techniques that aren’t entirely ethical. The truth of the situation, however, is that the search engines don’t look kindly on people who use black hat SEO. Getting good rankings is not about tricking or cheating the system; it’s about providing relevant content.

Fiction: You need to submit your website to search engines

Fact: SEO is more important in order to be successful

Whilst there are those who believe submitting their website to as many search engines as possible is beneficial, you would be far better off utilizing SEO techniques that organically encourage the search engines to index your site and visitors to click.

Fiction: Websites that have been banned have unethical owners

Fact: There is no telling why the website has been banned

Whilst there can be no denying that search engines will ban websites that utilize black hat SEO techniques, the blame does not always rest with the owner. Some website owners didn’t know that SEO even exists, so how can they be considered unethical if they aren’t aware they have done anything wrong? Other owners use SEO companies who might be using black hat techniques, so how can they be blamed for trusting a supposed ‘expert’?

Fiction: You need to spend hours a month tweaking code to keep rankings

Fact: If you have good rankings, leave the page alone

Often, dodgy SEO companies will tell naive clients this in order to ensure they continue to receive their business. In actual fact, if a page of your website is in the number one position you should leave it alone or else risk damaging your ranking. Yes, an SEO company is beneficial for maintaining this ranking (through blogs and adding new content), but the code does not need to be touched.

Fiction: SEO is dead

Fact: SEO is going strong; it’s just more competitive

This is a myth that has been circulating the internet for years, but if there was any truth in it you would think that all of the SEO companies around would be going out of business. SEO has been, however, subject to a number of changes in order to wheedle out the unethical practices from the ones that are considered okay – whilst the SEO techniques you may be using are dead, the industry itself is still going strong.

Separating the SEO fact from the fiction can be a daunting task, especially when you take into account how much information is actually out the regarding optimization. Simply by using some common sense and looking for advice in all the right places, however, you can ensure that everything you know and believe about SEO is 100% true. Don’t let other people try and convince you otherwise – it is likely that they either have no idea what they are talking about or are trying to scam you out of your hard earned dollars.

Author Bio:- John has been working as freelance writer for Zeemo, which is a web design company in Melbourne. The company provides various web services like web development, website designing, online marketing and SEO services in Melbourne to their clients.

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