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SEO Tips for Image Optimization to Get Extra Traffic

Webmasters and bloggers always try SEO tips to optimize content to get the better search engine position in Search Results. But most of them do not care about the SEO tips for the images. If they are not working on Images SEO, they are losing a good amount of traffic they can get from various image search engines. As we try to optimize our website and blog content, we must optimize our website images too.

There are many factors which we need to consider while optimizing images for search engines which include descriptive URL structure, anchor text and descriptive tagging.

These are some tips which must be followed to optimize images for search engines.

Descriptive name with keyword

While adding an image to a blog post, we must follow this tip. Image must have the keyword in and name and name must be descriptive. Suppose you are writing a post about Sony tablet, you must have “Sony tablet” keyword in the image name. Most of the CMS upload images with a random name. You must change the name of the image name in that case. If you are using wordpress, you do not need to worry about this. Because it uses the same name as the file name in your system. So change the name of the image to a name with keyword and then upload and add it in your blog post.

Use of descriptive Alt

Alt is the attribute of the img tag which is used telling search engines about the images. Although search engines are too smart to read the images but still they give this alt text a priority. Adding the descriptive text in the alt of the image helps search engine spiders to determine what the content of the image is. So we must use some descriptive text in alt with proper use of keywords.

Image Relevance

This is also an important factor which affects the image SEO. Search engines also use the content of the web page to determine image content. So we must use an image which is relevant to the content and describe about the post. It helps search engines confirm that you are not spamming.

Image Size

While using an image we must care about the size of the image. If the image is too large in size, it will affect the website load time badly. This is not good for website ranking and will reduce the overall user experience. You can use JPEGMINI online service to reduce the size of website images without losing the quality.

These are must follow tips for image optimization which will surely boost your image search traffic. But you should not stuff keywords in ALT and name of the image. Make ALT short but descriptive. It is enough.

Author Bio: Deepanker Verma is a tech blogger and a website developer. He writes about computer tips, technology, gadgets and web development. You can read his articles on webtips  and techlomedia where he writes regularly.

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  • Tom H.

    December 9, 2016, 11:08 am

    Lovely just what I was searching for. Thanks to the author for taking his time on this one.


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