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SEO in Brief- To the Point Tips for Newbies Bloggers

People get blogs for various reasons; for personal or professional purpose. Many times, they feel that there is hardly any visitor on their blogs. This is because of the fact that they have not implemented marketing techniques on there blog. You might be surprised to hear that blogs need to be marketed; as they are used as marketing tool. If you want that your blog should become popular, you must consider various SEO tips that can make a difference for you. Some of them are elaborated as below:

to the point seo

On-Page SEO

Ø  Keyword-rich content- The content of a blog must be optimized for relevant keywords so that when a visitor make search on search engines and use keywords, so that search engine can rank the article to the visitor on search page. This is one of the most important reasons that why one should use keywords in articles.

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Ø  Choose the appropriate domain name- The domain name must be chosen that has keywords into it. It is suggested to select the name of the business, products or services that you offer. When people will make search on the search engines; your site will get ranked for the keyword mention in the domain.

Ø  Ping- Whenever you will update the content on the blog; the services such as Pingomatic will ping a lot of sites about it and you will get various visitors. The search engines will also come to know that you have updated your blog and the search engine robots will visit your blog. However make sure that you don’t send lots of ping reports to these sites as excess of every thing is bad.

Off-page SEO

Ø  Link-building- This is one of the best way to advertise your site by exchanging links between more than one sites. This will increase the link popularity of site and it will get better ranking on search engines. Also, it is the cost-effective technique to get natural traffic on your blogs. You can use different ways to build link for your blog however guest blogging, article submission and dofollow forums are great ways to get quality links.

Ø  Relevant content- Search engine crawlers like to read and indexed relevant content. If you have a blog for personal or professional purpose; it is highly recommended to add high quality, error-free and meaningful content so that it adds value to your blog.

Ø  Directories- It is possible to add the links of the web pages to various directories so that your site will get quality of inbound links to your site. This will not only increase the traffic on the site but it also makes your site popular on search engines.

Ø  Blog interlinking- You can post on other blogs with the links pointing back to your blogs. This technique has become popular for recent years and bloggers are enjoying more traffic on their blogs. In order to achieve this, you should join blog networks.

By following above mentioned tips, it is possible to market your blog through search engines and get free of cost visitors. Although SEO takes time but you can hire seo experts to speed up the process.

Author:- This article is written by Saksham Talwar of Blogging Junction where he blogs about blogging tips and also shares some occasional SEO and WordPress tips.

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  • paulrigby @ BusinessProcessOutsourcing

    March 15, 2011, 4:14 pm

    Well said,

    Although i would like to elaborate a bit with regards to On page Optimization:

    When we speak about optimizing a blog for keywords, yes it is true that one must include a few main keywords within the articles that we write but this alone is not enough.

    Here are a few other major SEO Optimization Techniques to consider if one is serious about dominating top search engine positions:

    *Place keywords in the title tags
    *Use correct keyword density throughout
    *Place keywords within the headings
    *Make keywords bold
    *Make all pages index-able
    *Use correct link structure

    There are many others too but these should keep you in the loop.

    Lastly, i would just like to emphasize that SEO is an ongoing effort and not a one-time deal. So, to all newbies out there, don’t lose hope, just keep doing your thing and eventually you will reap the rewards.

    Happy optimizing!

  • [email protected]

    January 25, 2011, 2:54 pm

    it will be an useful one for newbies 🙂


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