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SEO Hats – The Black, the White, and Gray

There are different methods that search engine optimizers use to optimize websites and they are known as “hats”. The color of these hats depends on the methods and philosophy that SEO use in optimizing websites. There three main colors of hats and these are Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO. It is very important for affiliates to understand the benefits and the risks that are brought by these hats.

Black Hat SEO

Using Black Hat SEO requires good leverage technology and automation in order to quickly create a lot of poor websites and get inbound links from other sites at the same time. Once visitors have arrived at the website, the owner will redirect the visitor to the main website that displays the sales page of products that the owner is selling. This is the primary goal of Black Hat SEO.

The purpose of Black Hat SEO is to get fast results.  The method used in this kind of hat will often bring someone’s website at the top of the search engines at an amazing speed. However, as soon as the search engines catch on, there is a risk that the site will be banned or crash. Using Black Hat SEO is always risky especially if it was used to websites that have been invested with a lot of resources since it can make a website permanently unusable.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO focuses mainly on producing good quality content while SEO is only a secondary goal. White hats also use automation and leverage technology but it was used for different purpose. Users of White Hat SEO always write content for people and not for search engines.  They usually rely on their marketing skills and the quality of their content to improve their search engine rankings rather than using automated programs.

Although White Hat SEO is effective, it will always take some time before it can bring results. However, users of White Hat SEO have bigger chances of getting more inbound links since visitors usually find that the content is valuable for them.  Furthermore, there is no risk of being banned while using White Hat SEO and it provides higher chances of converting visitors into regular customers.

Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO is considered to be the riskiest method used in optimizing a site. It uses a lot of questionable methods and therefore getting a lot of risks. The rule of Gray Hat SEO is to get rich rewards through risky methods.  This method should only be used after careful consideration.

Author Bio:Guest post contributed by Kerby Smith, on behalf of Thinkkeno.com – a web design multimedia provider which focuses on Raleigh web design.

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