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SEO Checklist 2012 for New Web Sites

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is exceedingly critical for a Web portal or even articles to place high in search engine results and to be noticed. The SEO checklists are useful in providing you with some vital SEO related tips and tricks that Internet marketers must make use of to make sure that they receive an ample amount of traffic to their sites. Although, a lot could be added to this, the SEO checklist for new web portals can provide all the online marketers with a good start in building an effective SEO.

Carefully Choose The Keywords

A keyword is a phrase or word that the Internet users make use of to search different items over the World Wide Web. All such people who write articles or create websites make use of the keyword phrases that are relevant to their content so that they can attract a large number of intended visitors.

When you want to get started with an Internet site, individuals should avoid keywords that hold a lot of competition. This is because some of the keywords normally have several established portals competing for them already. Therefore, keyword selection should be done wisely.

Include Keywords in Description as well as the Title

Whatever keywords you have selected for targets, they should appear in the title, URL as well as the description of your web page. A web owner may utilize a single keyword for every single webpage of their website. You should include the keyword in the URL and title of your web page. Moreover, you should avoid stuffing the keywords on your page. It is beneficial to repeat the keyword various times on your pages but it should not be stuffed.

This way the search results as well as the readers will come across different variations of the keywords and related ones in a natural way rather than forcing recurrence of the same keyword.

Provide Quality and Original Content

In case your content resembles spam. It is less likely to be ranked high on the search engines especially Google even holds a risk of being banned from Google indexing. All such sites that look alike spam actually violate Google’s regulations and as a result they are banned.

Thus, a website owner is required to provide quality based content and articles which is useful to have people link to their web portal. Google search engine only links to such portals that have good quality content in their site.

Stay Updated On Google Changes

Google keeps on changing its algorithms. What was formerly useful to a page’s ranking could turn out to be dangerous and risky when Google modifies their means of assigning priorities to the web pages. One of the vital means to stay updated here to watch YouTube videos available on the Google Webmaster Central Channel.

Expert & Professional SEO Services

You can also opt for hiring an Internet marketing company. These companies do have expert and professional SEO services that are beneficial in providing you with the desired outcomes.

Hopefully, you have found this article a useful source for your website or even articles. Please take note of the fact that there are various other SEO based techniques that can be helpful in promoting your portal and gaining ample amount of traffic.

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  • Raheel Mushtaq

    June 4, 2012, 2:28 pm

    Another very nice article by Bilal On-page has became very essential for all websites to follow quality guidelines by Google..! otherwise you may end up being banned at start..!

  • sai krishna

    April 18, 2012, 9:35 pm

    well explained mate,
    techmaish theme is really looks awesome , try to release a new version with few more options .

  • Amit Shaw

    January 31, 2012, 12:52 am

    Awesome Article. Thanks for sharing the tips with us. It is my first visit on your site Bilal Ahmad. Just want to say its really looks like Professional website. Keep it up.

    • Rohit Batra

      February 3, 2012, 11:54 pm

      yeah it is really good website & this theme techmaish is quite reputed and used by many blogs around the globe.

      1more thing i will like to add in this SEO checklist also concentrate on Social Networking specially Google +


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