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Senders, the First Email Service That Adds Intelligent Contact Info to Your Email Messages, Integrates with Slack

Workers spend an estimated 6.3 hours a day checking emails, with 3.2 hours devoted to work emails and 3.1 hours to personal messages, according to a poll released by Adobe Systems Inc.

Senders Integrates with Slack

Senders is a new but important email tool that aims to disrupt the industry and give users more transparency and security.  This revolutionary tool gives users access to real-time information about who is sending them an email, as well as protects a user’s privacy by removing any encrypted tracking. Stop being tracked when you simply open an email with this tool.

Users who register their profile with Senders can also change the public information that is displayed for them through Senders by using a dashboard at any time.

This email tool has come at a time when users are becoming increasingly targets of trash or bulk emails to which they have no concern at all. Senders users can be saved from going through a load of emails that aren’t relevant to them, while also ensuring that their own emails aren’t being tracked.

How Senders Works

Once a user receives a new email, this email tool will track the Internet for all public information available about the sender. After collecting all the information, Senders will then add it at the end of that email, so that it is easily accessible for the user to read and gather information from in a simple Senders card.

If an email has trackers secretly hidden in it, Senders has built-in features to not only automatically detect it, but also to remove it before a user opens that email. Thus, it keeps a user free from tracking techniques.

Integration with Slack

Senders’ recently released an interactive Slack bot designed to offer users of the popular messaging app faster and easier access to advanced cloud-based intelligence.

As declared by the CEO of One More Company, this step has been taken in order to counter the increased usage of the fast messaging taking place between users nowadays. When one person is interacting with another, he or she wants to have the relevant information after the other without going through what can feel like endless searches.

Ever since being launched, Senders has gained immense popularity amongst Sales, Customer Service and other professional services. The fact which makes Senders all the more popular amongst its customers is mainly due to the fact that users can now get all the relevant information about the person which is mailing them in the very same email.

This information includes the personal information, Social Media Profiles, professional credentials as well as other related info. Apart from it, Senders identifies and removes all the malicious techniques which are secretly hidden in that email by which the sender can otherwise extract useful information about the receiver.

Senders adoption will no doubt increase as more users become educated about tracking their emails.

According to a survey recently conducted, users are becoming more and more sensitive when it comes to keeping their information private and not accessible to others.


Since Slack, a messaging app for teams, is continuing to rise in popularity, its integration with Senders will save users from a lot of headaches. Users can get useful glanceable context about people emailing them, right inside the email message, including social profiles, professional experience, blogposts, recent Tweets, bio, photo, and other public information.

Overall, Senders is a solution that will improve user-to-user communications by offering more relevant information within every message in real time.

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