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Sell BlackBerry Curve 8530

If you’ve got a hunger to catch up with the latest innovations in mobile device technology, then you might have a need to sell BlackBerry Curve 8530 you’ve been carrying around.  The phone is more than four years old now, and there have been a lot of advancements made in mobile device technology in just that short amount of time   It’s not just that newer phones have interesting new entertainment abilities like watching streaming movies or TV shows, or that games are better than ever.  A larger assortment of applications, for business, leisure, communication and more are certainly good to have.  Better viewing of social networks and websites is another advantage of the latest goodies, and the ability to handle even more types of media can even help people with their work.  The new mobile devices are slimmer, and work faster.  Operating systems have been improved too.  So why haven’t you started to sell BlackBerry Curve 8530 of yours and start picking out which new phone you want?  Maybe you just aren’t sure what your options are when it comes to selling a used mobile device, or not certain what the best choice would be.  It takes a little bit of investigation, doing some web searches on your favorite online search engine, but those options can be found out readily enough.

Have to get rid of it First

Consider the possibility of doing an online sale listing or auction.  Yes, there are usually fees to pay, and there’s no guarantee the BlackBerry Curve will get sold, or how much you might get for it as an auction item.  For some people that’s not so bad.  Also there is the challenge of coming up with an advertisement that draws potential buyers toward your phone above others.  There are plenty of people who like a challenge.  There are also people who have better things to do with their time and effort.  If you are part of that latter group, then there is another possibility to think about.

There is CashforBerrys.com to sell BlackBerry Curve 8530 to and get some actual cash from.  Feel free to look around the Web and see what other established sites have been in business for ten years, like CashforBerrys.com parent company CashforLaptops.com has done.  The owners behind CashforLaptops.com decided to expand their business years ago to meet the demands of smartphone customers and provide the same kind of offers and experience they give the customers of CashforLaptops.com.  They deal in BlackBerrys, iPhones and other smartphones, along with iPads and their original business, which is the buying of laptops and refurbishing them.  They’ve simply expanded that business and it’s to your advantage.

Get started by entering the information of your make and model, along with an accurate assessment of the device’s condition on their website.  It takes about a minute or less.  Then you get a quote, and that’s the price they are offering you.  With that knowledge, you can decide if you want to sell the mobile device to them or not.  When you say yes, they considerately send you all the materials needed to pack up the BlackBerry Curve and ship it to them.  This fortunately includes the shipping label for UPS.  They take care of the postage so you don’t have to worry with it.  Within 5 days it’s all there for you to get the device packed away.  Before you do, take the time to get any files you want to keep from the phone.  Once it’s at their facility and they pay you for it, that memory is going to be formatted, which means wiped clean.  You won’t be able to call them and request anything that was on there to be emailed to you.  It just won’t exist anymore.

Once you’ve got the package dropped off at UPS, it’s a matter of waiting for them to get it.  The CashforBerrys.com staff will look over your BlackBerry Curve and confirm its condition.  Then you get paid the next business day.  Literally, if you have a Paypal account; otherwise a check in your name for the amount they said they’d give you is put in the mail and on its way to you.

Author’s Bio:- Leslie Bass is a 26 years old freelance writer and blogger from Fayetteville, NC who specialize writing about cashforberrys.com. She is a geek and enjoying writing about it.

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