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Selective Software – What Makes an Ideal ERP System?

Ideal ERP System

For modern businesses, one thing is clear. Technology is the future. If you want to do something faster and with more accuracy, invest in digital software. The problem, of course, is that there’s so much software on the market that it’s difficult to know where to turn first.

For instance, ERP (enterprise resourcing planning) solutions are regularly touted as a corporate ‘must have,’ but what features should you be prioritising? Moreover, can investing in a customised ERP system guarantee more sales and a stronger brand?

This guide to finding the perfect ERP software explains why it’s not just what you use that counts, but also how you use it.

Long-Term Access

 The first thing to understand is that ERP systems are not short-term prospects. Most businesses stick with one piece of software for a decade, sometimes longer. However, this is only possible because they invest in scalable technologies. In other words, any ERP solution that you choose must be capable of growing alongside the company.

For high-growth manufacturing environments, this means the option to switch on new locations or modules, without also having to invest in major changes to infrastructure. Ultimately, customers need solutions which accommodate system updates and don’t enforce traditional development and testing timeframes to do it. Make a strong product roadmap and cultural alignment two clear objectives.


The best ERP software is founded on mature technologies.

They are able to develop and grow in a progressive manner, while still maintaining a high level of usability. In simple terms, it just works. This is how operating your system should feel. High-quality ERP, once installed and familiar to the users, functions smoothly and almost becomes an invisible support.

Think of it in the same way as starting your car.

Intellectually, you know that it involves a lot of different components and that all vehicles do it slightly differently. However, you don’t consider this every time that you jump in. You just expect it to work and that’s what superior ERP tools provide. Maintenance is minimal and training new users is always straightforward.

Fulfils Your Needs

The mistake which many businesses make is to assume a ‘one fits all’ policy for ERP software. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single answer to most corporate challenges. Success is about identifying your specific needs and finding technology which suits them. Crucially, this might not be the same software which other companies deem ‘perfect.’

The finest ERP solutions aren’t limited to a specific type of technology.

Instead, they operate on multiple platforms and use dynamic, diverse toolsets to provide wide-ranging functionalities. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the freedom to be flexible with your technology indicates that the chosen vendor is genuinely committed to providing value, rather than just making a sale.

Why ERP Is More Than a Corporate Buzzword

If you’re looking for your first ERP system, try to approach the selection with a balanced perspective. There will always be ‘hot new’ vendors clamouring for your attention. There will always be industry watch lists singing the praises of certain software solutions. Ultimately, the choice should be based on what it is your business needs.

Focus on the areas which matter to you and invest in systems which prioritise them.

If you make sure to select ERP software which is customisable, you can spend time shaping and moulding it to get that perfect fit. So, really the answer to the original question is that all ERP solutions have the capacity to be perfect if they’re a good match for their host. Keep this in mind when making your selection.

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