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See How Easily You Can Get Rid Of Blogging Stress?

Stress is worst enemy of blogger.

If you are blogger then you have to deal with lots of stress or it’s better to say that you are always surrounded by lots of stress that makes your work harder and harder. Stress also have very bad impact on health, here are a few health tips for bloggers that you can also follow to maintain healthy life while blogging.

If you are in stress you can’t write an astonishing content for your blog, you can’t do effective marketing of your blog. Overall you can’t do anything productively and effectively to get the desired result when you are in stress.  So if you want to work effectively and productively for your blog to make it sparkle in blogging arena then you have to keep safe distance with this stress.

Because in stress there is nothing that we can do that benefits us and our blog. So today I’m sharing some of my ways that I use to fight the worst enemy of blogger (Stress) and not only to fight get rid of it.

Watch Videos & Movies

The best place to lose out all blogging stress is YouTube. YouTube have lots of funny videos, music videos to watch out so that we can forget about our stress and get refreshed to take our pending work to its next level.

Spend Time On Social Media

Another best place to forget about our blogging stress is social media sites like facebook. Just login into your facebook profile spend some time by watching all those funny videos , songs, funny images shared by your friends, chat with your friends so you can  bring down the meter rating of your blogging stress.

Major Players Blogs

Read the blogs that has some meaningful and engaging content like Copyblogger and Problogger. Personally I like these 2 blogs most because the words that they write captures my mind and makes me forget about everything including my stress I just keep diving in and in into their content .

Really the words that Brain Clark and Darren Rowse Write are the word that kills the stress and makes you engage…..

Do The Thing That You Like To Do

The best way to get rid of our blogging stress is by doing the things that we like to do. Personally when my stress levels are out of my reach I do lots of things that I like, Like I start watching funny videos, news, playing cricket, spending time with my friends and lots of other cool stuffs. And once I feel that now my stress levels are down then I come back and start working on my blog.

If you want to fly in the arena of blogging then the first thing that you have to do is get rid of your stress and take everything lightly. Do you the reason why angles can fly because they take the thing lightly. So follow the foot prints of angles…

Above are my ways that I used to get rid of my blogging stress like watching funny videos, doing the things that I like. What are your ways to get rid of your blogging stress please share it with us in below comment section…

Author Bio:- Sarvesh is a passionated consultant in the advertisement industry and the main editor of a humor blog about funny commercials. Click here to find it!

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  • Sam Freelancer

    February 15, 2012, 6:58 pm

    I get stress when i cant think of a topic that someone else hasnt written better elsewhere. Ive now got a stage where i just write about the stuff i like doing and enjoy talking about, rather than stuff i know people want to read.


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