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Secure Business Practice: The Importance of Penetration Testing and other Precautions

E-commerce statistics are constantly vulnerable to change, as exponential growth within this market continues to take hold. Recent figures indicate that more than 40% of global Internet users have purchased products online, through devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. This equates to a staggering one million online buyers, and underlines the relentless growth of e-commerce as the dominant consumer medium in 2015.

Protecting the Online Integrity of your Business

With this in mind, it is crucial that you take practical steps to safeguard the integrity of your online business in  e include: –

Invest in Penetration Testing

Secure Business PracticeIn simple terms, a penetration test is a proactive and authorised attempt to breach the security of a website or online infrastructure. This is done within a controlled environment, in an attempt to test specific vulnerabilities surrounding OS, service and application flaws, while it can also be used to monitor data loss and end-user behaviour. This enables you to identify potential security issues before your website is breached, which in turn allows you to protect your website and the sensitive data belonging to your consumers. Established service providers such as Nettitude currently lead the market, as they follow-up controlled testing with tailored solutions to suit your business.

Consider the Importance of Content-aware Data policies

On the topic of data loss, it is important to create an infrastructure that allows a viable flow of information within your business, without placing customer and employee privacy at risk. This is where content-aware data policies come into play, as they create a system that uses predetermined filters to manage data requests and transfers on their individual merit. These filters and items of criteria will include employee authorisation status, end point monitoring and file extension types, and only transfer requests that meet the necessary requirements will be completed.

Protect against basic SQL Attacks

As a general rule, there are a number of basic attack and hacking techniques that must be safeguarded against as a matter of urgency. Take SQL attacks, for example, which occur when hackers use a web form field or URL parameter to gain access to your data. This is easy to achieve through basic Transact SQL, although it can be avoided simply by always using parametrised queries across the business as a whole. This feature is available through most web languages, and it can help to form a culture of awareness and proactive troubleshooting within your firm.

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