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Searching for a Job? Keep your Facebook Profile Clean

The next time while searching for a job, apart from polishing your resume ensure your Facebook profile is clean. Why? Recently an employer while interviewing demanded the username and password of the applicant’s Facebook profile. However the applicant refused to disclose the details and withdrew his application..

Employers around the globe, in an attempt to vet applications, are resorting to Facebook profiles. Most Facebook users keep their profile under public. These public profiles make it easier for perusing the application. A password is only demanded when the profile is private. Moreover some employers take the extra step like signing a non-disparagement agreement. Signing such agreements ban you from posting any comment about your employer.  If not a non-disparagement then they are asked to friend employers in their Facebook profile.

Is it Ethical?

Would you allow your personal diary to be read by others? The answer will be in the negative. Gaining access to other accounts is totally unethical and unlawful. But the surprising fact is that many people do not even raise a word about it. Maybe it’s their only way to keep food on the plate.

The question is not being ethical or unethical. It is about the need of accessing a third person’s profile. All of us log into Facebook for some entertainment. Entertainment can be of any form. Every human has a various circles of relationship. A person is different among family members and friends. Similarly a person is different in the social world.

The Social Network like Facebook is a virtual world. It’s a place where we can be away from any restrictions. Updating your status or commenting has no restrictions unless it hurts the sentiments of others. But rather than being a place to have fun and share each other’s view the social world is becoming a recording platform for all your activities. With the new timeline from Facebook it has made things even worse. Everything is recorded periodically and anyone can easily find out what you had been doing during a particular period.

What do they search for?

The pictures and the status you post say a lot about your character. Employers peruse the Facebook account of applicants and they even cross check their friends. ‘Show me your friend and I will tell your character’ holds true. Generally illegal behavior is checked through the profile page. But once an employer has access to your account, none can tell what they had known about you.

When your employer has unlimited access to your account the search is not limited to only deregulatory remarks. The intensity of checking will be equal to the position of the job. If you are about to take a high position then your application will be vetted to the maximum extent.

Though Facebook rules out such practices it depends upon the applicant’s need to have a job. The only wise solution will be to keep your Facebook profile clean.

Author Bio:- Richie Richardson is an Internet Marketer. He recently launched a forex site wherein he discusses topics like forex bonus and forex no deposit bonus.

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