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Seagate Wi-Fi Hard Disk for iPhone from Seagate

Seagate Technology is an IT technology company that mainly produces computer hard disk drives. Ever since 1978 Seagate was a major player within the IT industry and with the acquisition of Maxtor in 2006 and Samsung hard disk drive division earlier in 2011 Seagate became perhaps the largest manufacturer of hard disks in the world. Seagate would have seriously surpassed the Western Digital Corp. with sales by now, only several pending and lost lawsuits have cost them dearly and the dominant role within the IT community is disputed. Nevertheless, Seagate continues to surprise customers and competition alike with new and improved technology, for instance the release of first ever 3 TB drive was noted and welcomed, but also the first Wi-Fi hard disk drive ever to be presented to the public.

segate wifi iphone

Why is this significant?

While it is currently being touted as the hard disk drive for iPhone, predominantly by the powerful Apple PR machinery, the GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless battery powered storage device can be addressed by any Wi-Fi device, if only the right application has been presented. Android version is in the works, iPad compatibility under scrutiny and suddenly the external hard disk is available for any and all mobile, hand held, mobile phone, tablet PC and computer device there is – all you have to do is go on the internet and download a driver or an application.

Now you have external storage

The importance of external storage for any and all Wi-Fi devices, including the iPhone, is not easily comprehended. For instance, if you have an iPad with 64 GB of storage, all applications that you install have ample space and then some. But if you try to load some videos, preferably in HD video format, at least 720p, then the space gets smaller by the second. Most people, who had to opt for a smaller storage space device due to the noticeable price difference, will be able to fit now more than one movie to the road, actually much more than one movie. Other tablet devices and mobile phones will use the space maybe for other applications or music, perhaps audio books or e-books. Now there is no true limit to this, up to three devices can be connected at the same time and the list price is just below two hundred US dollars.

How about cloud technology and streaming video?

Yes, the internet storage solutions are still there and valid, but not every neighborhood has free Wi-Fi, at least not at comparable speeds that will provide you with HD content. 4G is nowhere to be seen and there are barely any 4G compatible devices anyway. Speeds are limited and content is not really overwhelming, just to be frank. If you have a favorite movie at home, in HD, and you want to take it, for instance, to the beach to watch it with your cronies, then you will most probably like to have it at your fingertips, than having to depend on good weather, proper internet bandwidth or other lucky circumstances. Do not forget, this is just the beginning, shortly there will be larger drives, even BluRay players that work over Wi-Fi.

Author:- This is guest post written by Andy G Get your drivers and software at bravofiles.

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