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Scrutinizing Online Scribblings

Since Note taking apps are so much in vogue. With the launch of Google Keep, everybody seems to be in the spirit of scribbling. But, before we move on to comparing, let’s have a look at what these apps are and why, at all were they developed.

Scrutinizing Online Scribblings

What is it?

Basically, any app is developed to make lives of people easy! The biggest problem with any person using internet today is to save data in a manner that can be re found whenever needed. These apps provide just the same thing in which a person can save his/her data right there and then. AND, at the end of it all, can carry it too.

How is the data carried with you?

The data that you save is saved over a cloud. And that cloud is situated on the server which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. This gives user the freedom to save data somewhere and access it somewhere. All you need to do is to save your data over it, and move on.

So, the concept behind all the Note taking apps is to carry your notes wherever you go. Inspite, of a common concept all differ from each other in some or the other way.
Going with the talk of the town, people are comparing One Note, Evernote, Notepad.cc, Google Keep and Saveandsearch on various platforms. Let us have a closer insight on all these products.

How secured is your data?

When we talk about saving our data, first thing that comes in our mind is its safety. While applications such as Evernote and Notepad.cc are password protected, Onenote offers a provision to protect your data as per its security level by setting a different password for every section. Google Keep and Saveandsearch fetch the data from your google account.

Now, noteworthy point is that Evernote and Notepad.cc are just password protected and if in case, you forget the password there is no option to retrieve your data. Whereas, in Google keep and saveandsearch you have an option to retrieve your data using your email ID, which ranks it higher than other contestants.

Re-searching it

This is ok as far as we talk about data security, but what about searching the saved data. Which of the applications allows to search the saved data that too with best ease is a big question. What is the entire point of a notepad application unless it easily saves and let search data. To search the saved data in notepad.cc, one has to exactly remember the URL extension. While Evernote, Onenote, and Google Keep allow you to search the data easily by just typing in any word from the data saved; Saveandsearch does it the best by showing all the results even from the publicly saved data. That is you get everything saved related to it over the server.

The money matters

Last, but not the least is the pricing. Evernote and Onenote are paid services in premium plans which by Joe, offer the best of its services. Google Keep, notepad.cc and Saveandsearch are the only free service providers in notepad applications market till date.

So, in our conclusion we can say that Google Keep and Saveandsearch top the list of notepad applications currently.

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