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How To Save Ink When Printing At Home?

We live in a world where buying a new, if mediocre, printer with a half filled carton of ink is often cheaper than buying a replacement ink package. It’s wasteful, hurts the planet, and it’s more than a bit silly for everyone involved. To try and counter this, here are three ways that you can save ink when printing at home.

Save Printer Ink

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Pay Attention to your Font Selection.

This might seem a bit like picking nickles up off the ground. But every drop of ink saved by using thinner texts adds up into more pages printed in the long run. In 2008, an ecofont was made. Basically each stroke of the letter had holes helping to hollow out the middle of the stroke. More white space equalling less ink. However, the font ended up looking pretty grey, and a better suggestion arose from the University of Wisconsin. Century Gothic with its thinner lines can use up to 30% less ink than Arial. That’s a lot of ink for a font change!

Reduce the Rainbow.

A lot of ink companies are already helping consumers do this by cutting down the number of hues used to print from hundreds to just six. However, in your home, you can save a lot of ink (and money) by using only a few colors or going grayscale. This is because with multiple color ink packages, one color often runs out far sooner than the rest leaving you with the option of having no red or wasting the extra yellow, blue, or whichever and replacing the entire half-full package.

A Better Printer.

Perhaps the most obvious suggestion for saving ink is to get an eco-friendly and high efficiency printer. Though it may be a bit large for the home, the A3 printers over at Konica Minolta are a great suggestion for the office and home as well. It’s monochrome reducing wasted color ink and high performance. Another perk is that it’s made with recycled plastic and bio-plastic. A final carbon reducing feature is the A3’s plant based toner.

Whether you’re trying to help protect the planet or just the green in your wallet, these three steps tips can help you avoid using more ink than you need. Happy Printing!

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