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Samsung Galaxy S3: The Most Powerful Phone Ever?

With the Samsung Galaxy S3’s massive HD screen, quadcore power and features galore, Samsung is ready to battle Apple and HTC for smartphone supremacy

The samsung galaxy S3 can be seen as a tipping point for consumer tech. Before, Apple could release a bread bin and get front-page headlines, while rivals could unleash the tech equivalent of a cure for cancer and garner little more than a shrug.

However, the barnstorming success of Samsung’s Galaxy S2 has changed that: anticipation was huge for a follow-up and the good news is it doesn’t disappoint.

The first thing that hits you is its size. The S2 was one of the larger phones on the market with a 4.3-inch screen, but the S3 has a massive, 4.8-inch one – tight jeans-wearers beware. On top, the 1280×720,306ppi, HD Super AMOLED offers almost the same resolution as the iPhone 4S, on a much larger screen.

Samsung is betting that punters will trade a little portability for a better video-watching and web-browsing experience, and while the S3 does feel large – it’s 12mm taller and 5mm wider than the S2 – it’s not as outlandishly vast as Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

The processor is quadcore – few apps actually utilise such computing grunt at the moment, but that will change – while storage options are now 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, in line with the iPhone 4S, and you also get 50GB of free storage for two years, courtesy of Dropbox. The battery is a 2,100mAh monster, which should spell decent longevity.

The camera hardware hasn’t been noticeably beefed up – it still does eight-meg stills and 1080p video – but does add a burst mode and intelligent features such as Face Zoom. The forward-facing cam has actually been downgraded slightly to 1.9 megs. The 1GB of RAM similarly hasn’t been upgraded since the S2, but that still matches what’s in the HTC One X, the only other quadcore phone to date.

The Galaxy S3 has plenty of oomph then. But taking another leaf from Apple’s book, Samsung is making greater play of the S3’s plethora of next-gen features. S Voice provides a riposte to the iPhone’s Siri, although it’s more an alternative way to access and control apps rather than a “personal assistant”. You can control the camera, make calls, texts and set alarms just by telling it to, should you so wish.

There are a number of other nifty exclusives. Smart Stay detects your eyes and won’t dim the screen if you’re staring at it; Buddy Photo recognises faces you snap and tags them; Direct Call rings the person you’ve just received a message from if you put the phone to your ear; Pop Up Play lets you watch media in a window while using other apps.

The Samsung S3 sure is a hulk of a phone. For those that like their blowers big, bold, and powerful, it’s now the one to beat in 2012.

Prominent Features

Huge Screen

The 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen beats even the HTC One X for quality and girth

Talk To Me

The S3 comes loaded with S Voice, Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Siri. Ish

Quad Core

The S3 keeps up with the current trend for quadcore processors, keeping games and multitasking zippy

A Galaxy of S3 Sidekicks

S Pebble

Samsung also took the wraps off this iPod Shuffle-esque media player. It has a clip-on design and packs 4GB of storage. You can copy tracks from your S3 to it via a cable and formats supported include MP3, WMA, Ogg and FLAC.

All Share Cast Hub

The Cast Hub hooks your new superphone up to your TV – or projector, if you’re really fly-via HDMI. Once connected you can mirror the HD videos you took on, or downloaded to, the S3 on your big(ger) screen.

Premium Audio Dock

This hefty dock will charge up your S3 whilst blasting out your favourite tunes using 100W of high-fidelity, valve-based amplification. Result: minimal juice-loss with maximal neighbour-annoyance. Hell yeah.

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