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Samsung Galaxy S3 Set to Dominate Smart Phone Market

With just under a fortnight until the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the technology world is waiting for a potentially market-changing device.

Hyped up for months, the Galaxy S3 was officially unveiled last week and does not look set to disappoint.

Whilst one potential downside might be the screen quality, as the device only uses a Super AMOLED screen (rather than the Super AMOLED Plus that has featured on the Note, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and other devices) which is also bettered by HTC’s One X, all round performance seems to be sky-high.

The dip in screen quality will enable the device to perform better when in bright light or whilst the device is being used outside, and will increase the battery life on the device significantly compared to with the AMOLED Plus screen.

The quad-core 1.4GHz Android 4.0.4 device is expected to be the biggest selling smart phone of 2012, matching (or even bettering) the success of the Galaxy S2. The Galaxy S2 helped catapult Samsung to the number one slot of the top selling smart phone sellers in the world, knocking Nokia off of the top for the first time in over 10 years.

Topped off with an 8-megapixel camera, 1080p HD video recording which allows you to record and take HD photos at the same time (a feature previously seen on the HTC One X) and a whole load of intuitive features, it seems inevitable that the Galaxy S3 will make its way straight to the top of the smartphone sales board.

The Galaxy S3 is expected to have almost no competition until September or October when Apple are expected to unveil the iPhone 5 (if they follow regular release patterns), with HTC’s One X and Sony’s Xperia S not putting up too much of a fight against it.

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