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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Exits Google Play Store

When it comes to the sensational gadgets of the last decade, one would call both the Apple IPhone and the super-capable Samsung Galaxy as possible nominees. However, the big names behind the two extraordinary inventions are locked in a legal battle over the copyrights and patents concerned with both gadgets. Apple is alleging that Samsung has wrongly ripped off its original patents and trademarks. On the other hand, Samsung has replied that it is not really doing anything illegal. However, it seems now that Apple has seemed to win its way. Due to the ongoing legal controversy, the Galaxy Nexus has been let out of Google’s Play Store.

The Google Play Store had been that big and busy store for Android phone users. This was the place where some of the latest Android phones and devices could be found. However, though the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was a big hit on the store frontier, it has now been found that the Play Store is no longer stocking the phone in its aisles. This indicates that the Play Store seems to have listened to Apple for advice and blacklisted the much-popular Samsung product from its popular store. Thus, Samsung Galaxy Nexus seems to be suffering from the first ever backlash.

Apple has in fact targeted not just Samsung in its copyright infringement case. It has also targeted stores and shopping facilities set up by Google as well. These facilities have also been under the legal scanner. Both Samsung and Google had filed for a lift on the prohibitive ban on the products of the twin brands. However, the jury has denied the lift of the ban. Moreover, Apple had also paid up the settlement that was needed to continue the ban in effect against Samsung and Google. Thus, the recent slew of Samsung devices is being pulled out of stores.

Samsung is not the only company after whom the Apple are pursuing with revenge. Other

companies under the scanner on the insistence of Apple are HTC and Motorola. These

companies’ products, like their latest smartphones, have also been alleged as products that have infringed on the copyrights and patents of the original Apple IPhone. The other companies have suffered as well along with Samsung and Google. The latest phones coming from HTC and Samsung have been blacklisted in Google Stores and people are complaining that these products will also not be available for some time in the markets.

However, Apple cannot really urge for a full-fledged ban on the products of the other companies. Samsung and HTC products have only been recently missing from the electronic stores and outlets. However, it was only HTC that suffered some real consequence of the legal initiative taken by Apple. For some time, there was a short-lived ban on the marketing and supply of its products in the shopping showrooms and electronic stores. However, even there are only insignificant effects of Apple’s actions, the business for some of the electronic majors like HTC and Samsung could seriously suffer a lot.

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