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Samsung Caught up iPhone as the Best-Selling Smartphone

News had it that Samsung is able to overrun Apple Incorporated’s iPhone as the best-selling Smartphone in the world. Apple’s iPhone has dominated the Smartphone market as the most sold mobile device for straight two years. But Apple finally has found its biggest challenge and competition for that matter that may push Apple to offer more enticing features in its future generation of iPhones. Samsung meanwhile was able to dig a gold mine from its Samsung Galaxy 3 which significantly brought the company some unexpected turn of events that allowed it to catch up with the iPhone’s status as the best selling Smartphone in the mobile industry.

Samsung as best selling Smartphone in the last quarter of 2012

Reuters reported that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was hailed to be the world’s best selling Smartphone model in the last quarter of 2012 according to the research undertaken by the Strategy Analytics, a research firm. Samsung apparently sold 18 million of their Samsung Galaxy 3 unit as compared to the 16.2 million sold for the iPhone. This strong sale of the Samsung Galaxy 3 not made the model the company’s flagship for their Smartphones. Samsung was able to generate a hooping profit of $17.3 billion between July and September this year according to reports. Samsung Galaxy 3 proved to make a record breaking sale across Asia, Europe and North America.

Best Features of Samsung Galaxy 3

There are interesting and wonderful features of Samsung Galaxy 3 that made it more appealing to the mobile users. It comes with great advantageous features that made it a great hype among Smartphone fanatics. Many believe that the Android operating system is far more superior as compared to the Apple’s iOS but with Apple’s big and trusted name in the mobile industry, it seems difficult for Samsung to penetrate the dominating sales of iPhone. But not this time as Samsung have bested the market as the top selling Smartphone in the last quarter of 2012. Many are wondering about the best features of Samsung Galaxy 3 that made it as the top selling cell phone model this year. Here are some of the primary features that made Samsung Galaxy 3 penetrate the market for mobile phones:

Samsung Best Selling Smartphone

Wireless Charging

One of the downsides among the top grossing Smartphone models in the market is the use of many wires and cables to charge your cell phone. The same problem is encountered in using ebook readers and tablets. Samsung Galaxy 3 is able to conquer this problematic area by making available a docking unit to allow the wireless charging of the cell phone. This is perhaps one of the best features of Samsung Galaxy 3 that made it more desirable than the iPhone.

S voice feature

S voice is the counterpart of Samsung to Apple iPhone’s Siri. S voice is the promising feature of Ice Cream Sandwich’s core offering on voice command. This promising feature of Samsung showcased the voice assistant feature of the S voice that allows the user to provide a voice command to turn off or set the alarm, reject or answer incoming calls, change the volume, take photos and perform other functionalities without manually doing so.

Advanced security protocols

Samsung has struggled to create a highly functional and advanced security protocols that will protect the data that are stored in the device. It provides an advanced encryption system that makes mobile users feel more secure and safe. Android phone makers are now exhausting all their technological resources that would bring better encryption and security protocols in all Android supported mobile devices. The S3 is the first Android mobile phone that made it into the market that challenged the Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) security technology.

High quality Amoled technology on 4.8 inch screen

The larger screen of the Samsung Galaxy 3 in 4.8 inches on amoled technology is one of the captivating features of the mobile unit that mobile users find appealing. The screen comes with a 720 x 1280 pixel resolution which although does not comes as close to the Apple iPhone screen display quality. With the Super Amoled screen technology, you can enjoy the vibrant colors that come with the Samsung Galaxy 3.

Top speed quad core processor

The powerful quad core processor of Samsung Galaxy 3 allows the mobile users to experience faster and highly efficient performing processor from a Smartphone. It comes with a 1.4 GHz Exynos chip that optimized the mobile games performance, faster downloads, smoother HD video playback and faster browsing experience in the internet.

Author Bio:- Mackenzie Salis is a freelance writer and an enthusiast advocating for technology awareness through online exposures. She is the author of the site: blackberry tracking where you can get valuable information about mobile spy software.

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  • Rahul

    December 21, 2012, 4:19 pm

    very nice news.. i have also samsung smart phone its features very nice and i love it thanks for sharing..

  • Tech Blog

    December 19, 2012, 10:08 am

    Informative Bilal, Thanks for Sharing


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