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Samsung Begins Investing in Raydiance for Laser Precision

Mobile technology is in great demand today among consumers, and this is most especially true for businessmen. While consumers do feel the need to stay connected from anywhere at all times, the performance of excellent mobile technology is never more tested than in the hands of businessmen, company owners, and executives for whom working on the go is a must. This calls for full-time connectivity, so their opinions, approval, dismissal, and other similar business actions can be properly sent out with as little time lost as possible. It has come to the point that companies are staying so closely in touch that they would even give each employee their own business phone numbers and  devices so they can be reached directly by other employees or their superiors whenever they need to. But with people constantly on the move in business, it has become just as important that mobiles become more portable and more capable of performing other functions besides calling, so people can work from anywhere.

Smaller and smaller

Portability calls for smaller tech that can do as much as any large tech. It started with desktops becoming laptops, and then moved on to smartphones being capable of more computing functions, applications and processes. And when the smartphones can’t do enough, tablet computers (the popularity of which is steadily on the rise these days) can perform functions and applications of a laptop without being as heavy or difficult to carry around. Electronics companies like Samsung are now taking computing hardware to the next level by making things smaller, more portable, while still capable of doing more.

Samsung’s investment

Raydience is a company dedicated to pioneering a new stage in laser technologies, “achieving tiny geometries” as they manufacture the world’s first commercial-grade ultrafast laser. The company specializes in manufacturing incredibly small and detailed components designed for electrical equipment. These include components in the medical, automotive, and electronic device fields. They have technology that can manufacture precise measurements in any material with the use of a femtosecond laser light source.

The company has recently experienced a $20 million financial growth, which comes from Samsung’s substantial investment in the company’s tech. Samsung aims to develop smaller but very functional technology; by investing in Raydience, they are able to acquire better components of the most minimal size which can still be tuned to perfect precision.

Raydience itself says that Samsung will be given better access to their technology, especially as the demand for faster, smarter, and smaller devices increases in the worldwide market. The substantial investment that Samsung has put in the company boosts Raydience towards commercial laser solutions, and allows them to manufacture the parts that Samsung needs to sate its masses of consumers all over the world. The CEOs of Samsung believe that through Raydience’s laser precision technology and Samsung’s own innovative electronics, they will be able to discover new possibilities in developing electronics that are lighter, smaller, and more capable than ever before. They believe that Raydience will significantly improve their manufacturing process and modify the existing standard, enabling them to present more sophisticated technology.

Author Bio:- Nancy Perkins is a writer for business and technology. The article presented above was prepared in collaboration with RingCentral.com.

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