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Rumgr: The App Craigslist Should Have Designed?

There’s just something about finding that one-of-a-kind item at a garage sale. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?  Chances are the price is unbeatable, and your friends definitely won’t be able to run out and copy you. However, some people don’t want to get up early on Saturday morning to fight off the vultures for mystery loot. What if you waste your only day to sleep in, just to rummage through a bunch of junk?

In the past, the answer has been Craigslist – Any day, any hour, you can buy or sell used stuff. A new app has recently entered the playing field though, which improves the online garage sale concept even further; Rumgr allows users to scroll through a picture feed of items being sold in their area. It’s the simplistic, user-friendly, lightning-quick app we’ve always wanted Craigslist to be.


Former Zappo’s employees Dylan Bathurst, Ray Morgan, and Alex Coleman founded Rumgr in Las Vegas. It gained a small group of followers while in beta form, but the second version of the app has just been released. The concept really is as simple as it gets, and listing an item for sale is a piece of cake- click the “sell it” button, snap a photo, and you’re done. Items are displayed solely by pictures unless the seller chooses to add a description in the comments section. No drawn out process of categorizing, uploading photos, typing a summary and contact information etc. The listing process on Craigslist can be so tedious that many choose to just trash or donate their unwanted items rather than list them for sale. Rumgr’s revolutionary idea caters to the hurried lives we all lead.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable differences with Rumgr is the ability to just browse all items near you. No searching for keywords or browsing through categories like you would on Craigslist – it’s all about the discovery. It’s the fun of finding unique items for sale around you that you may not have even known you wanted. All posts on Rumgr are geotagged, so items near you are separated by distance (within 5 miles, within 10 miles, and so on).  Of course the seller’s exact location is not displayed in order to protect their privacy.

Another frustration with Craigslist is getting in contact with the seller. What if you can’t make a phone call until 5pm and you miss the item you want? Or maybe it’s one of those cases where you’ve left about 15 voicemails for separate high chair listings, and then when someone returns your call you have no idea which one is theirs. Rumgr has solved this issue as well. Once you’ve found an item you’re interested in purchasing, you simply click the “offer” button and enter the price you’d be willing to pay for it. Sellers are then allowed to decline the offer, or make a counteroffer if they’re not satisfied. If you have any questions or need more information, there is also a “comments” button that allows you to communicate with the seller.

Rumgr has a tremendous opportunity lying ahead. It has the potential to change the way classifieds are run. That being said, it will take a great number of followers for the app to possess any real value, and starting from ground zero is always a bit tricky. Co-founder Morgan revealed they have tossed around the idea of adding a payment integration system that allows users to complete their financial transactions within the app as well. Doing so would make the app even more convenient for users, while also generating some revenue that could be used toward growing the app.

Download Rumgr and give it a try. You’ll help increase its masses and thus improve our online garage sale system, while saving a good chunk of time from your schedule.

Author Bio:- Jaime is an avid hiker and skier who loves to write in her spare time for USBundles.com– home of www.USBundles.com.

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