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Rotate your PC windows monitor Display Screen

irotate screen rotaterToday i found another useful application, through which you can rotate your computer windows monitor display screen to any angle you want. You can rotate windows monitor display screen to 180 degrees, 90 degrees, 270 degrees, Normal Landscape positions. This application support the same functionality as supported by Inter, ATI, Matrox, S3, XGI and others. It also support multiple graphic cards from various vendors.

Irotate is a freeware software with various rotating angle supported functionality. It support various languages, installation documentation with minimal impact on scarce system resources. Total size of Irotate is 110 Kb and supported by all windows. You can see small screen shot of Irotate below.

rotate disply screenHow to Rotate Display Screen using Irotate

Download Irotate and install in your Computer. Open irotate and select any angle (180 ,90 and 270 degrees) to rotate your computer windows monitor screen according to your required setting.

If you found any problem during installation or using this free software for rotating your PC Display screen then visit there official forum and post your problem. You will get quick response from one of the technical expert of the forum.

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  • David Neal

    July 16, 2020, 7:17 pm

    The description above says “any” angle but then only lists 4. Will it do truly any angle?

    I have a need to display a on a screen that is rotating around back and forth at random and I would like to keep the image always orientated upright.

    Can this be done with your software?



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