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Role of Social Media in Website Link Building

When it comes to online business, blogging or managing websites, we all use social media and link building strategies! In fact, link building is primarily done through social media and carries great importance and significance for the business persons. However, there are a lot of people who no longer make use of social media or bookmarks, because of the comparatively low long term benefit of such links and most often because of the spamming!

What’s the truth about Social Media Link Building!

Now, I won’t blame those who have stopped making use or responding to such link building efforts, however, there are also a lot of misconceptions about social media link building strategies. So, instead of labeling social media link building techniques as spam or useless, we need to carefully understand the process, and only then, evaluate it.

When you use bookmarks to generate links to one of your web-pages, you are not doing this to generate great rank in SERP because of those links, directly. However, when you talk about bookmarks and other social media link building, they are used to achieve one thing only: to get your page indexed rapidly! Apart from rapid indexing, the most understandable reason of building social media links or bookmarks is to spread the word around or grab some direct traffic!

Now, usually the bookmark links do not have any direct results or impact on SERP. In fact, if you are going for too many bookmarks, such as 1000+ then it may function like raising a red flag! So, neither overdo it nor under-do it, you need to maintain a critical balance. As far as social media places, such as Twitter and Facebook etc, are concerned, they play an important role in link building and increasing your overall rankings.

If you have a large fan following on social media sites, you can use them to generate a log of traffic towards your website and through this make ample success and rise in overall ratings. So, it would be beneficial for you, if you link your websites or blog posts onto these social media platforms! I bet, if you have ample followers you will get traffic from these social media sites towards your blog and many more referrals too! Apart from the very famous social media platforms, such as Youtube, Faceboo, Twitter, LinkedIn, you may also go for Digg, StumbleUpon etc.

The Biggest Advantage of Social Media Link Building!

Now, this is not the sole reason for choosing link building in social media platforms. It is a fact that once you start link building in social media, you began to attract more and more traffic and many direct links, as well as fast indexing, however, there is another huge advantage of link building in social media. This fabulous big advantage of link building in social media is sort of Google’s Algorithms functioning, they take influence by the number of mentions your page or blog get in the social media platforms and this also affects your overall ranking in the search engine. So, the next time you think about social media link building, think in a wiser manner!

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