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Role of Social Bookmarking and Voting Websites in Promotion of Blogs

Social Bookmarking is a free promotional method for bloggers and webmasters. Many of you are aware of its power, but those who are still thinking to whether submit there blogpot to social bookmarking websites like digg, delicious, stumbleupone etc. or not. This post is worth reading, because you are missing possible traffic. The power of social bookmarking is un imaginary and un predictable. A blogger post got 127,000 traffic in one day. Another post that will show you that how much traffic digg can send to your submitted story is here.

Ignoring social bookmarking means wasting a golden opportunity of getting free traffic. So do consider social bookmarking submission for your blogposts. However you must follow the rules and guidelines of the community, other wise you will never get a single visit. What are the possible benefits you can get from social bookmarking.

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1. Traffic

Of course traffic is the first thing that you can get from such websites. Traffic will not come for your every post, but for only those posts where you will provide quality. If your every post has quality then you will get hundred of thousand digg votes. So consider quality if you want to drive traffic from social bookmarking websites.

2. Popularity

New bloggers can popularize there blogs in a few days using social websites. New websites will not get traffic from Search Engines at very first stage, but with the passage of time search engines will send you traffic. That will take time and the only possible platform that can send you instant traffic is social submission.

3. New Readers

For blogger regular readers are always beneficial and you need to try every possible marketing technique to attract new readers and make them regular. Forum Posting and Social Bookmarking are the two possible ways to bring new readers to your blog and make them regular. A reader will only subscribe to your RSS Feed if your blog provides quality information.

Spend time on social bookmarking and submit your posts to popular and high trafficked websites like digg, stumbleupon, delicious, blogengage etc. Submitting all your post is not a good decision, but only those that you think are more beneficial to your readers. Title and Description matter a lot, so try to make a very attractive title and description for your posts. Also try to choose different categories and assign to your story. Tags also matter a lot.

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