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Review of Samsung Galaxy Appeal

Samsung Galaxy Appeal is the latest release of Samsung, being designed with the expressed purpose of meeting the demands of the average customer. In other words, it is not one of the top-notch Galaxy devices, but in terms of price, it is really accessible. This tendency of Samsung was observed during the latest months, and the ambitions of the South Korean manufacturer are huge: besides being the top producer of smartphones on the line of top quality phones, Samsung also tries to reach the average market, and Samsung Galaxy Appeal is the device that proves those intentions.

samsung galaxy appeal

1# Network and design

  • GSM compatible
  • Smart design
  • Elegant look

Samsung Galaxy Appeal is designed for GSM networks, but it can also be connected in 3G, because of the HSDPA feature. It has the average dimensions of a Samsung mobile phone, 112x58x14 mm, with a weight of 114 grams. From this point of view, the phone is attractive enough for women that want an elegant phone, but also for people looking for an increased gaming and navigating experience.

2# Touchscreen, connectivity and supporting formats

  • Capacitive screen
  • USB
  • Many connectivity features

The touchscreen of Samsung Galaxy Appeal meets all the demands of the customers. It is a capacitive touchscreen, with a maximum resolution of 320×480 pixels, and with a diagonal of 3.2 inches. It also has a multi touch feature, but this characteristic is already common for any Galaxy phone.

You have waiting calls and agenda with this phone, and you can also set MP3 ringtones. The device also has a high fidelity speaker and a Jack of 3.5 millimeters. As for connectivity, it can be connected with USB to the computer, but you can also use the Wi-Fi networks with the Wi-Fi hotspot. It also has a Bluetooth feature, and GPRS.

Of course, SMS, MMS and agenda come as standard, and Samsung Galaxy Appeal can play MP3, MP4 and .wmv files, but also other common media formats.

3# Media features

  • 5 MP camera with a good resolution
  • Geo tagging

The camera has 3.5 MP with a maximum resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, which is decent. Of course, you can find more performing cameras in the Galaxy family, but as said before, the features were sacrificed for price, as Samsung tried to make this device more affordable. On the other hand, 3.5 MP is enough to make quality photos. One of the major disadvantages is that you can’t film with this camera. It is pretty surprising, considering that the majority of Galaxy phones during the latest years have this capacity, and it cam also be considered a major setback for this model. The camera has geo tagging, but it lacks auto focus, so you will have to consider those disadvantages if you decide to buy it.

4# Processor and operating system

  • Android 2.3
  • 800 MHz processor

Samsung Galaxy Appeal works in the Android 2.3 system, and it benefits of a processor of 800 MHz. it might not be so powerful, but it s a Cortex a5, therefore it is reliable. The processor is also helped by the Qualcomm chipset that will increase the general stability of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Appeal is a part of the average Galaxy family, with average features and a good price. It is perfect for people that don’t want to run demanding applications on their phones, and especially for people that are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a top-notch phone.

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