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Review of Popular WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are very popular, as they allow you to add new functionalities to your blogs and websites. Here are some of the hottest WordPress plugins at the moment.

Premise by Copyblogger

This plugin is favored by many WordPress users, because it allows you to create landing pages without breaking a sweat. You will not need to have prior coding knowledge and you will not have to be some kind of whizz kid that knows everything. And this is not all; the new version of Premise allows WordPress users to create secure membership websites, so that you allow users to access your content only if they are verified members.

WP101 Tutorial Plugin

Learning WordPress can be a daunting task at times, but not if you have the new WP101 Tutorial plugin installed for your favorite platform. The plugin offers access to very detailed tutorials that will teach you how to design your WordPress website, how to develop a website powered by WordPress, and even how to become a consultant that teaches others how to use WordPress efficiently. You will need to pay a monthly fee, but you will be offered instant access to all novelties and tutorials about WordPress.

Regenerate Thumbnails

Do you have an older blog with thousands of posts that will look like a big misunderstanding the moment a new image size is introduced? For making your blog look like it is supposed to be, you need to install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. The role of this WordPress plugin is to regenerate all the thumbnails for all the images you have included in your attachments. Think of all the time you will save by not having to pick each image one by one and format it to fit the norm. Also, in case your plugin does not work as intended, you can always submit a support form and ask for help.

WordTwit Pro

In the era of social media networking, the need for integration is growing on a constant basis. If you want to add important Twitter functions to your WordPress powered blog or website, you need to use WordTwit Pro. This tool will allow you to post your newest updates on Twitter, using a simple widget, without having to go through all the phases usually required for posting a new tweet. A great advantage of this WordPress plugin is that it can be used to manage multiple accounts on the trendy social media network, manual editing, hashtags, logs, and many more.

Simple URLs

One thing that Internet marketers do not like much is having to work with long, complicated links. However, for affiliate links, this is usually the case. Simple URLs is a plugin that solves this problem and makes everything much more manageable. It main role is to shorten links and give them a new, updated look that can be used without worrying for their aspect. It also uses 301 redirect links to make this possible, in an efficient and elegant manner.

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