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The Response Of The Web To The Financial Crisis

We all know that the global financial crisis is a terrible thing, but it’s also good.


It is!

Especially because many brilliant minds of the web are doing everything possible to ensure that it weights as little as possible on our shoulders and on our portfolio , increasing the number of web services that come to help.

How do we lower the cost of living in this “dark” and “bloody” period of crisis?

internet economy

Spend from $5 to $50 and all will be grateful.

Web services like Fiverr.com and similar services have achieved major breakthroughs, people can apply for services, otherwise expensive spending, by $5 up to $50 for additional services.

Use your skills to get what you want.

Web services like Thatifthis.com and similar services are attracting the audience of the Web, anyone can do or give something to get what he/she wants without spending money at all.

Barter what you do not use more.

Web services like Craigslist.org ,Freecycle.org and similar services are always in vogue in the communities of barter and exchange of goods , it is now affordable for everyone to get a car , exchanging your bike .

Use a new currency.

Services such as Bitcoin.com ,Dropis.com and similar services introduced a new currency , many people believe in it, and probably that’s the right way to go, given the numbers achieved by these services.

Ultimately, we must not think that the crisis produces only poverty and disgrace, especially on the web where it appears to have produced real wealth, wealth assumed as an added value in the face of unsustainable costs for this period.

Whether it is the birth of a new economy of the Internet that will generate the solution to the financial crisis ?

I believe yes, and you?

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