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Resolve New iPad Charging Woes with Compatible Chargers

Reading books, playing games, working on reports and video chatting, all of these have become extremely simple and fun, thanks to tablet PCs. And the foremost name amongst these devices is definitely iPad by Apple. Almost all tablet users across the world wish to get their hands on the latest version, which is the new iPad.

ipad charging

If you have got your shiny new version of iPad, you are sure to spend first few hours exploring the gadget. Also, you may be downloading applications and other extensions from iStore, while looking to get smart accessories for it. Thus, your battery might drain out eventually.

Here’s where it gets challenging. As you connect iPad with USB port on computer, you may notice a sign that says ‘Not Charging’. Another scenario is that you may use old Apple iPad charger for this one, and it doesn’t charge at all. Don’t worry; there is nothing wrong with your charger or iPad, read on to understand reason behind this.

Unlike the other iPads, iPhones and iPods, this new version of tablet from Apple is rather demanding when it comes to power requirements. USB ports on the computer, especially if it an old one, may not be equipped to provide enough power for iPad when it is on. In case of Apple’s own iPad chargers, they are designed to cater to older technologies used for their products, while this one needs a faster and stronger chord to power up. Is there a solution? Of course, just keep reading!

The best would be to purchase an effective Apple charger designed especially for the new iPad. This is the fastest way to juice-up critically low battery. Additionally, you may also use 10-Watt USB Power Adapter, which are strong enough to charge third generation iPad in just a few hours.

If you wish to stick to an older way to charging, you may opt to replace your low powered USB to high powered one. It may not be as fast as former option, but will allow you to power up your tablet while you transfer data or simply browse for work, when connected to the computer.

How you use your iPad also determines how often you may need to connect it with charging point. If your use is almost constant, it is advised that you purchase an iPad car charger designed for the new version, so that you may use it while on the move.

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