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Reduce downtime with the best preventative maintenance tips – Save time and money

Reduce Downtime

Don’t you think that your livelihood and reputation entirely depends on the robots which are always functioning at their best possible level? In order to ensure this occurs, it makes sense to take care of them at a daily basis. The key to long-term reliability, productivity and elimination of urgent repair calls is scheduled preventative maintenance. A robotic system which is well maintained will minimize your protection downtime and maximize investment.

With the advancements in the field of technology, there are preventative maintenance software like CMMS which can be used to automate the process of checking your equipments and keeping them updated and ready to give their best performance. Nevertheless, even though you may not utilize a software, here are few tips to help you plan or boost the program.

#1: Schedule a plan at the first place

Are you someone who doesn’t have protocols for preventative maintenance? If answered no, create them as soon as you can. The key is to plan a schedule and follow it throughout. Make sure you make the preventative maintenance a part of your shop culture. In case you have acting robots, check them at regular intervals to do away with small issues that can become big ones. You can also let your maintenance team to work on best production schedules.

#2: Give them adequate training

One more thing you have to take care of is to offer the best training for your maintenance technicians. They should know how the different equipments work and the best practices for everyday maintenance will give a huge boost in keeping robotics in the right order. There are agencies which offer on-site training of employees for the robotic systems. It is necessary for all to know how equipments work and how they should be maintained.

#3: Measure the effectiveness of preventative maintenance program

There are few measurements that one can use to measure the effectiveness of the present PM program. The measurement one can use to check out if the present PM program is effective is PM labor vs. emergency labor hours. The reason to include urgent labor hours with emergency hours is to use a standard definition for failure. There can be functional failure which is the inability of the equipment to meet a specific standard and potential failure is a condition which indicates that functional failure is definitely going to occur.

#4: Have the right back up

Ensure you create program and image backups before you start off with your preventative maintenance routine. When you don’t have any images, it gets easier to have a preventative maintenance plan running. Changing the batteries constitutes the main part of preventative maintenance plan and you can change them when the power is on. You will lose everything if you change the battery with the power off.

When you follow the above mentioned tips, you can create the most effective preventative maintenance plan. For any other information on other tech related topics, you can visit Nogentech, the best tech blog.

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