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How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive, USB Flash and Memory Card

At some stage in our lives, we have all been confronted by a situation where hell broke loose. In other words, it was the situation where crucial files were deleted from our system by mistake. Be it a hard drive, a USB, or a Memory card, the result was a complete disaster for us.

However, if you have noticed carefully, I’ve used the past tense in the preceding paragraph. That is because now we have a tool that lets us recover back the deleted files without any hassle.

In addition to its user-friendly interface, its simple and quick data recovery methods and its cost effective recovery mechanisms, this software will give back the files in such a way that you will feel like they were never lost.

Sensing your optimism, let’s take a comprehensive look at the revolutionary Wondershare software that can recover deleted files and has made life easy for all of us.

How it works

After installing the Wondershare app, the first thing you will be asked to select is the recovery mode. There are four of them which this app present and unless you are highly unlucky, one of these four would definitely take care of your needs.

Moving on to the second step and you’ll be asked to select the scan type. Here, choose according to your requirement. Lastly, you’ll be given the opportunity of previewing the recovered files before saving them in your desired location.

1:- How to recover data from Hard drive using Wondershare

Step 1:- Now that we have understood how it works generally, let’s take a specific look on the working of Wondershare. For this purpose, I’m going to tell you how to recover data from your hard drive using the Wondershare.

Wondershare Startup Screen

Step 2:- After launching the Wondershare Software, you’ll be led to this screen. Don’t panic as the questions won’t be tricky – in fact, all they are going to ask you is to select the file types.

Types of Files to Recover

Step 3:- Ranging from the simple office files to the MP3 Audio, there is a myriad of options available for you to choose. However, I would suggest you click on the bottom left, on the option of “All file types” as it will minimize the chances of error to zero.

Hard Drive Recovery

Step 4:- Once you have selected the file type, the software will ask you about the specified location where it can save the files.

Step 5:- If you look closely on the aforementioned snapshot, you will notice that there are two options: enable data scan or enable raw file recovery. “Enable data scan” is important when the files were lost as a result of mistake i.e. formatting. However, if you don’t know the cause for the deletion of files goes for the latter mode. One more glitch is that the Enable deep scan option will take more time than its counterpart.

Enable Deep Scan

Step 6:- After you have clicked “Start” on the second last snapshot, this screen will appear. It will simply allow you to preview the files that could be recovered as per your discretion.

Preview Files to Recover

The last step of recovery has arrived. You need to do nothing but to simply select the location where you want the recovered files to be saved.


2:- How to Recover Files from flash drive using Wondershare

Step 1:- It is obvious that before you start the data recovery, you have to connect the USB with your system. Make sure that you launch the Wondershare Data Recovery AFTER you have connected your USB to the system.

Connect USB Flash Drive

Step 2:- Similar to the hard drive recovery mode, this will be the first screen that will appear on your monitor’s screen after you have launched the Wondershare software. Just click “Next”.

Step 3:- As you might guess, there could be a large number of files that would have to be recovered. Thus, select the option appropriately. However, if you’re unsure regarding the file type of the lost file, just click on the “All File Types” option that is present on the bottom left of your screen.

Step 4:- Working like an honest cop, the wizard will ask you to specify the external drive where data was lost. Make a selection and click Next.

Step 5:- In case you have lost your files in the last few days, go for the enable deep scan mode. However, if you’re unsure when the files were lost, I would suggest you go for the Enable Data File Recovery Mode.

Step 6:– Showing you a glimpse of what you are about to get, the aforementioned snapshot will give you a sneak peak of the files that could be recovered. Just click “Recover” and you’ll be in dreamland!


3:- How to Recover Data from Memory Card using Wondershare Software

Step 1:- If your computer does not support the memory card directly, connect it with the Memory card via a card reader. Afterward, open the Wondershare Data Recovery Software application.

Step 2:-  Upon opening the software, this is the screen that will greet you. No need to ponder about the 2 questions as they will be mundane.

Step 3:-  Similar to the case of Hard drive and USB, you’ll be asked to specify the file types which were lost. Make your choice accordingly.

Step 4:-  You’ll be asked by Wondershare to select the external removable device where data was originally lost. Be clear that this is the location where data was before its deletion.

Step 5:-  If you are sure that the files which are lost were present on your system in the last few days, go for the Enable Deep Scan. Otherwise, go for the Enable Raw File Recovery Mode. After making the selection, click “Next”.

Step 6:-  Giving you a hint of happiness that you’re about to feel in the next few minutes, the aforementioned snap shot will give you a quick glance over the files that could be recovered. Simply quick on “Recover” to move forward.

Thankfully, we have approached the final stage. Click on the desired location and Bingo! You have got back your files.

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