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Recent Advances in Home Security Technology

Home security system technology has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. Just like smart phones, automobiles, computers, cameras, and entertainment systems, home security products have shown consumer-friendly growth and enhancement.

In the past, home security systems relied on telephone land lines as well as often costly hard wired installation sometimes limited homeowner resources for security systems. However, today there’s a bright new world of security capabilities which even offer synchronization of home security systems to your smart phones or computer.

Better technology and lower costs means many more choices for the consumer, as well as quicker installation of security devices. Having a home security system integrated with other household technology such as a home entertainment system or a computer, makes operation simpler and more inclusive.

Such new technological innovations let consumers operate and monitor their security system no matter where they are throughout the world. Every smart phone and web-enabled cell phone and computer can be used to both operate and monitor a homeowner’s security systems: iPhone, or iPad, Android, and Blackberry among many others. A cell phone basically operates just like any remote control device, so that home owners can make arm and disarm commands from any location with a cell signal.

And this new technology comes just in time, too. Today, many home owners are eliminating land lines to save money on their phone bills, and going cell-only now will not limit home owners from fully utilizing a complete home security system. Cell phone based security systems can also provide additional support to an existing land-line system should any phone service disruptions take place. Home owners can comfortably and conveniently switch between both types of phone monitoring.

Mobile controls also allow consumers to watch both live and recorded footage from their home security cameras, and monitor in real time any open or unlocked doors and windows. Consumers can utilize a mobile device to monitor lighting system, movement sensors, and stored security history.

Home security’s enhanced technology also allows the connection of an integrated, smart system to your computer or home entertainment system, for full, one-stop control. Activation of these systems can be performed using any Internet-capable device. And from this one device, home owners can monitor an entire home system from fire and burglary alarms to heating, lighting, and water control systems.

Today’s high tech home security options also allow security systems to connect with closed circuit cameras, and central control units, even voice activated systems.

Besides simplicity and cost reduction, home security’s new technology also allows the increasing use of wireless security rather than a wired system. Wireless security technology uses radio frequencies which connect various alarm system elements to a central monitoring station. Going wireless not only cuts down on installation time and cost, it also often creates more accurate service. For example, wireless security can be divided into a number of different secure zones within a home. This division means simpler and much more accurate monitoring, and can allow a monitoring service to find the exact location of any problems. This also reduces the number of false alarms that can occur.

Often, wireless systems utilize sensors that can recognize vibrations as well as audio signals, creating a more accurate monitoring scenario. Suppose a large truck or outdoor pet causes a shock sensor to trigger in a window or door. The audio interface prevents a false alarm by monitoring both acoustic and motion sensors to determine that no glass has been broken and no forced entry has taken place.

Each element of these security system technologies offer increased consumer protection, convenience, and lower overall cost for greater capabilities.

Author Bio:- Jeremy Kushner is a home protection enthusiast who covers many topics related to home alarm systems. More of his articles are located at his blog, HomeAlarmSystems.com.

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