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4 Reasons Why Bloggers and Web Designers Should Work Together

In the digitally aware modern world it’s decidedly rare to receive an order for a website design and not have SEO mentioned somewhere along the line.  It’s for this reason that many website designers now offer their own SEO services.  Can you be an expert at both?  It’s up for debate, which is why so many website designers now choose to build a working relationship with a specialist blogger.

Here’s why:

Quality content matters.  As an overused slogan, ‘content is king’ has few rivals.  That doesn’t stop it from being true, though.  As the web becomes more and more saturated with blogs, articles and other written content, quality is what stops your content from disappearing into the abyss.

You’ll be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

Offering a one-stop shop for the web is an effective way of obtaining more clients.  No-one wants to deal with one agency for the web, one agency for SEO, one for design, etc.  However, many agencies make the mistake of taking this approach without hiring genuine specialists.  They might offer jaw-dropping web design, but match it with amateurish copy.  They might offer knockout copy, but on a website that looks like it was designed for a school project.   This jack-of-all-trades approach is a sure-fire step on the path to mediocrity.

It will increase your knowledge bank.

How much does a specialist, highly-skilled website designer know about verbs and adverbs?  Probably about the same as a thirty year old who’s been writing professionally since the age of sixteen knows about Javascript development.  If your agency contains four people who all know a little bit of everything, you’re running at half the strength of a same-size team consisting of four experts.  That team will be able to learn from each other, leading to four experts working towards the same goal.  Just ask yourself how far a soccer team would go if it consisted entirely of defenders?

It will put clients at ease.

Clients, as a rule, aren’t daft.  Anyone who has reached management level or owns their own business is smart enough to recognise someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  They want to be able to ask the really probing, detailed questions that only an expert could answer.  What happens if you can’t answer them?  Well, the job goes to someone else, of course.  There’s no harm in telling a client that you don’t know the answer to a question, but you’d better be able to point them to the direction of someone in your agency who does.  Jack-of-all-tradesmen can’t do that.

It will keep your employees happy.

If you want your workforce to be productive, then keeping them happy is vital.  What doesn’t make them happy is forcing them to try and talk to a client about something that they know they don’t really understand.   Encouraging them to learn new skills is a good thing: throwing them out into the sea without a life jacket on is not.  Great writers are happy in their work, so hire them and have them work their own brand of magic.  The same goes for web designers.  A team full of specialists is a happy team indeed.

Author Bio:- Charlotte Daniels is a freelance writer and SEO working in association with EadeTech, specialists in Essex web design.

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