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Reasons Why a High Bounce Rate Might Not Be a Problem

The term “Bounce” refers to a single visit to the page and “bounce rate” can be defined as the rate of the people who will visit one particular page and leave out without going through the other pages of the site. More precisely we can say that the rate at which people leave your site to view any other similar website over the search engine.

Importance of Bounce Rate

Now this bounce rate can act as a very severe problem for some sites and at the same time it can be a normal activity to the most so we can’t really define that what a good or bad bounce rate is. This largely depends upon what kind of audience the website is targeting and what kind of material they are presenting. It also varies largely upon the intentions of the visitors and the industry.

Consider the example of a Live Streaming site showing various footballs and cricket matches. Now technically, what is the demand of the visitor from that particular website? It is the high quality live streaming and that too on the very first page so that the visitors might feel it convenient to just go on the site and play. Now bounce rate would be quite high for such websites because users will go on the first page only, and after live streaming will close the page. So high bounce rates are not always problematic.

Similarly in case of the informational sites, their bounce rates are usually very high and the prime reason is that people land on the particular page where the information is situated, and quits from the very same page. In the case of the websites of household facilities like electricians, plumbers, or emergency cells like fire brigades, hospitals etc, mostly the bounce rates are very high but it won’t be consider as a problem or negative because naturally the visitor would note the email id or the phone numbers and quit the page.

Is It A Problem For You?

So there are some kinds of websites where high bounce rate may act as a big problem. Consider an example of a website where information is scattered and placed at various pages so that a user may have to visit multiple pages to get full information. High bounce rate at such pages clearly indicates that either the information is not perfect, or else website design is not attractive or in some cases both.

Other examples where high bounce rate might never be an issue includes pay per click pages. These websites are targeted pages so their high bounce rate is not an issue. People land at particular blog posts and leave. It never concludes that visitors didn’t have what they wanted, but it states that they got what they wanted on the particular page so why to view any further pages?

The Perception!

Mostly people think that highly search engine optimized websites usually have lesser bounce rate but it’s not so in most of the cases. As the highly optimized website covers keyword areas and try to cover whole information over the particular optimized page so that users may get whatever they desire under one house, their bounce rates are usually very high but it has not adverse effect in fact, it enhances their businesses.

It is all about your business. If your website is doing fine and meeting the targeted profit, then higher bounce rates are of no concern for you. A streaming website can generate profit through its single page and higher bounce rate. More over if your website contains contact info and the users are in contact with you then the higher bounce rate would never impart adverse effects.

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  • Gaurav Vichare

    February 22, 2013, 12:23 am

    Same with wikipedia … We search something in google. First link is of wikipedia . We open it and read that and leave it . Wikipedia surely have high bounce rate.


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